What I Ate in a Week (Another BUSY week!) as a VEGAN

Watch the video above to see “What I Ate in a Week” as a VEGAN! And read below for some minor whining and some life lessons from Rose…

Right now is possibly the busiest time in my life! I’ve never felt this much need or want for MORE TIME. I’m currently running my YouTube channel and all my social media accounts as Cheap Lazy Vegan (CLV), which is already a full time job (even though many people don’t realize!) but I am also co-running and managing a vegan cafe. The cafe opened in January of this year so it’s been super hectic with me trying to get things organized. Thankfully we’ve hired some help, but even then, it’s a LOT of work.

Most days I find myself at the cafe all day until 6pm or later, then coming home and working on my YouTube channel – either filming a video or editing – until I can’t open my eyes anymore. I also try to work on CLV  as much as I can during the day by answering emails, posting on Instagram/Facebook, responding to comments, planning out videos, taking photos, etc.

On top of all of that, my friend is visiting from Brazil so I’ve been extra hectic with trying to get more things done before her visit so that I’d have time to spend with her (not that this is a problem at all but just adds to the busy schedule haha).

All that being said, here are some things that I really REALLY cannot complain about:

  • I love what I do! I genuinely enjoy making videos, talking about veganism, making food, being creative, etc… I also enjoy being at the cafe, talking and interacting with people and building my own business.
  • I am my OWN BOSS. This is something that I feel that I’ve always wanted. As busy and hectic as I am, I don’t have to really answer to anyone other than the business I run.
  • I’m surrounded by food at all times….! As you’ll see by the video (above), I eat a lot of food at the cafe, since I’m spending most of my day here. I’m also a FOOD YOUTUBER which means I’m always making food or dealing with food. So food is literally my job lol. How amazing is this, for someone that is a total foodie?!

So yes, even though I do get exhausted, wish I had more time and probably should hire someone to delegate some of this work – I still really enjoy what I’m doing with my life. It took me a really long time to get here and I’m so glad that I’m finally here.

I don’t know why I told you all of this – I was initially just going to do a standard blog post to go with my “What I Ate in a Week” video, but I thought I’d make it slightly more interesting for those of you that might care to read.

Love you guys – I hope you’re getting your 8 hours of sleep a night.

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