What I Ate in a Day on Christmas Eve

I can’t believe the holiday season is pretty much over now and we must go back to the reality of the non-holiday life…! What is this? Why can’t it be Christmas all year round?

On one hand, I’m sad that the holidays are over… On another hand, I’m glad that I can go back to focusing on myself and my work! Less social obligations means more time for me to hustle… As you may know, I will be co-running a vegan cafe starting January 2nd (by the time you see this post, I will have already opened!). I will still be continuing my YouTube and I want to also get back into working out regularly, eating healthy, etc.

I hope you guys enjoy my random vlog/what I eat in a day video! It was originally supposed to go on my vlog channel and I realized (as the day progressed) that it was turning into a “what I eat in a day” so I thought it’d be a better fit for CLV.

Hope you had an amazing holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2018 bring you everything you’ve ever dreamt of.

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