What I Ate in a (BUSY) Week! (Vegan) + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Watch the video above to see the meals I ate as a vegan on a VERY busy week! AND see below for some rambling, some photos of my eats of the week, and an exciting announcement! 

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed like they’ve bit off more than they can chew? This whole month has been absolute manic! December is already a super busy time of year for most people (I think)… not only do we have the holidays to think about and gifts to buy, but we also have tons of social events and other “obligations”. Also, for us YouTubers, December is possibly the busiest time of year. This is when advertisers want to spend the most of their advertising money so they can get in whilst everyone’s in a generous mood for the holidays. So I’m sure that a lot of YouTubers have been feeling super busy this month… 

On top of that, I’ve decided to take on an exciting new venture. Not sure how many of you guys know this, but my mom owns a little cafe over here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We’ve had this cafe for a few years now and I’ve been helping out here when I could. I come in here during lunch hour to help out briefly and I also stay here a lot to do some work (since I have the luxury of working from my laptop). We’ve decided just a few weeks ago that we are going to be turning this cafe into a 100% vegan cafe! AND we are opening in January 2018. We are changing the name and rebranding and I am also becoming a “co-owner”. So I guess I can put “cafe owner” on my resume now…


The cafe is going to be called saVeg (yes, it’s a pun! haha…) and we will be serving quick, healthy and DELICIOUS vegan breakfast, lunch, snacks, smoothies, coffee, etc… The goal is to provide a healthy, fast option that is 100% plant-based and budget friendly. Our menu items will be heavily Korean-inspired since my family is from a Korean background and we LOVE Korean food.

I know I’m going to be ridiculously busy running a cafe as well as running a YouTube channel (which is definitely a full time job on it’s own). But I’m also excited for the possibilities…! There aren’t too many vegan options over here and I could definitely see a lot of potential. I also can’t wait to share my mom’s amazing cooking skills with the world.

If you are interested, please do follow our cafe Facebook page and our Instagram page. We will be posting updates and specials when applicable. If you are in the Calgary area, please come visit starting January!

Oh and see below for some of the delicious items that will (most likely) be part of the saVeg menu! 


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