What a BUSY Vegan Eats in a Day! (Video)

Watch the video above to see what a BUSY (and lazy) vegan eats in a day! 

Some people say that I’m actually not lazy and that my channel name is a big fat lie! But actually, I like to believe that I am still very true to my channel name. I may not be actually lazy when it comes to my lifestyle – I am actually pretty active with activities, work, travels, etc. I don’t like to sit around the house too much (in fact, I rarely have time to sit around!) and I always like to try new things, have new projects and work… a LOT.

However, when it comes to COOKING and preparing food… I am a LAZY CHEF. This is pretty much how I came up with the name Cheap LAZY Vegan, because as much as I love food, I HATE cooking complicated recipes especially on a day to day basis. Of course, I do cook slightly more complicated recipes once in a while if I’m cooking for something special, but when I’m running around, trying to get things done… there’s no time for me to stand around the kitchen cooking for hours.

I want to show people that being a vegan doesn’t mean you have to spend a crazy amount of time cooking and preparing meals – if this was the case, I would have a much harder time getting anything done. Even when I was working full time in London, running my YouTube channel on the side, I was still managing to be a vegan and not dying of starvation. I definitely did a lot more meal prepping at that time to save a lot of time during the week!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy joining me on a day in my busy life and seeing what sort of food I like to eat.

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