Vegan Vietnamese Steamed Buns (Banh Bao) + Pho (Noodle Soup)

As per my previous posts, I recently visited Toronto and did a collab with one of my YouTube buddies, Lisa, from The Viet Vegan. She is Vietnamese-Canadian so I wanted to learn some awesome Viet recipes from her…! I thought it was relevant, since her handle is “the Viet Vegan”.


We filmed 2 videos and we have 2 different Vietnamese recipes for you guys… both vegan, of course. The one we filmed for my channel was the recipe for steamed buns (banh bao). If you watch the video, you’ll soon realize that Lisa and I are both a bit of a… mess in the kitchen… BUT I think that’s what makes us relatable… right?!

At some parts of our steamed bun making journey, we thought we were going to fail, but we prevailed!!! There were some definite errors that we made, but Lisa fixed up the recipe and wrote it down for us on her blog.


Vegan Vietnamese Steamed Bun (Banh Bao) Recipe

Video of Vegan Vietnamese Steamed Buns Recipe (?): 

Visit the Viet Vegan for the written recipe and detailed instructions!


Here are some sexy photos of the process:

The dough (the non-messed up dough… watch the video for reference…)


The delicious filling:


The filling AND the dough… together as one: 


Vegan Vietnamese Pho Recipe

For Lisa’s channel, we filmed a PHO recipe video… by we, I mean, Lisa did all the work! I was just there for the ride 🙂 The key to pho is the BROTH. The broth must be super flavourful and rich… and since traditionally, the broth is flavoured with meat, we had to use alternate methods to make it a delicious VEGAN broth. And let me tell you – it was THE BOMB.

Video of Vegan Vietnamese Noodle Soup (Pho): 

Visit the Viet Vegan for the written PHO recipe and detailed instructions!

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