Vegan Korean Street Food Mukbang & Story Time!

Watch my very first STORY TIME mukbang, where I talk about my first crazy landlord story in London! 

A few videos back, I mentioned that I had a crazy landlord situation when I had first moved to London. Surprisingly, many of you guys asked for the story even though I’m really not a “story time” youtuber at all. I’ve done multiple mukbang videos but never really done any story time videos. I’m not really sure why because I’m sure if I thought of it long and hard, I could probably think of many stories I could tell you guys from what’s happened in my life. Not that my life is super dramatic, but I’ve definitely had my share of “entertaining” experiences. Although, I’m not sure how appropriate these stories would be for the internet…

While I’m telling you all my experience of first moving to London and moving into my first flat, I decided to eat some deliciousness – Korean street food!!! I ate tteokbokki/ddukbokki (spicy korean rice cakes), kim mari (fried seaweed rolls) and veggie dumplings.


I actually made the tteokbokki myself using my mom’s recipe that she shared with me a while back… and YES, I have a video on it (below)!

Vegan Spicy Korean Rice Cake (Tteokbokki/Ddukbokki) Recipe

If you love tteokbokki or if you’ve never tried it, PLEASE TRY IT! This is definitely one of my favourite foods and it’s seriously one of the most comforting dishes ever… yes, it’s a bit spicy so if you can’t handle spice, I suggest adding less of the spicy stuff… But honestly, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like this dish. It is SO delicious and addictive and it is a very popular Korean street food. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to make – just follow the steps and you’re golden.

The key ingredient is obviously the rice cake – and traditionally, Koreans use these cylinder shaped rice cakes. If you haven’t tried rice cake, it’s SO GOOD. It’s very very chewy and soft in texture… it’s very hard to describe. You basically just have to try it. The rice cake is cooked in a spicy flavoured broth which will thicken over time (thanks to the starch from the rice cake). Literally one of the best things ever.

This time around, I actually just added some wakame (dried seaweed) pieces in there as well just for some added interesting-ness. I also added some ramen noodles (we call this “rabokki” – ramen & ddukbokki) and king oyster mushrooms. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy my story… if you liked it, please leave a comment letting me know so that I can do more story time videos in the future.

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