Vegan Korean Food FEAST Mukbang…!

Watch the video above for the Korean Food FEAST Mukbang!!! 

NOTE: Mukbang is the Korean term for “EATING SHOW” meaning a show where people sit down to eat food. Yes, it sounds weird… because it is weird! But I enjoy making these from time to time…

My friend Matt and I decided to sit down together to film a MUKBANG video where we ate ALL THE MAIN MENU ITEMS from my new vegan cafe that I co-own with my mother.

I quickly whipped up the 4 main menu items PLUS I had a side of kimchi (because Matt loves my mom’s kimchi… as do I!) and also the “Filet No Fish” burger which we also sell at the cafe. Not only that, but we also cracked open a bottle of red wine… what else is new?

We discussed a NUMBER of topics… and it does get a little personal in this video. There are some stories of drunken times, discussions about what it’s like to be a youtuber, Matt’s move to Toronto and what it’s like to live in Calgary and more…

Our main menu items consist of…

Our Fresh Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice) served with deliciously marinated lentils and a side of our creamy gochujang sauce. The whole point is that you MIX everything in the bowl before you eat it (hence the term “mixed rice”).

Image from our cafe Instagram page!


Another very delicious and popular menu item is the HOUSE SPECIAL. And boy, is it ever special? We make this using a mixture of coated & air-fried sweet potato and tofu and we toss it in our very special and traditional Korean “yangnyum” sauce (a slightly spicy and sweet red sauce that is normally used to season Korean fried chicken). We serve this on a bed of shredded cabbage and with a side of rice.


Next item is one of my all-time favourite foods…JAPCHAE! This is a Korean glass noodles dish which is a plate full of savoury goodness. Korean sweet potato glass noodles with a mixture of vegetables and sliced bean curd, tossed with a savoury mix of sauces… We serve this with a side of yummy vegan dumplings:


Last but not least! We have the deliciously satisfying TOFU & VEGGIE RICE BOWL. This is very simple but still so good, thanks to the yummy sauce we use. We use a “bulgogi” sauce which is traditionally a Korean BBQ sauce used to marinate meat. The sauce itself is a sweet, garlicky soy sauce… but words can’t describe how good it is:


And of course, our Filet NO Fish, which is a part of our “Wraps & Burgers” menu… It’s not Korean but I wanted Matt to try it cause it’s so yummy. We marinate the tofu in a special concoction to give it more flavour, then we coat it and pan-fry (we don’t deep fry anything). The burger also comes with avocado and our vegan tartar sauce. It’s seriously bomb.


SO if you are ever in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area, don’t forget to pop by saVeg Cafe in downtown. We are located inside Heavens Fitness at 637 11 Avenue SW. The prices are affordable, the food is delicious and we try to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Check out our website and our Instagram page for more info!

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