What I Ate as a Vegan in Vancouver (Vegan Eats in Vancouver!)

Visiting Vancouver? Check out the video below to watch my travel vlog and scroll down to read about the places I went to (and see photos of what I ate!).

So September last year (when many of the Covid restrictions were lifted), I visited Vancouver, British Columbia for a much-needed break. Of course, I ended up visiting vegan restaurants; hence, I had to document everything so I could share with you guys!

If you don’t know much about Vancouver, it is a big city in Western Canada in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver is the most densely populated city and the Greater Vancouver Area is the third largest metropolitan area of Canada. With an ethnically diverse population, beautiful scenery and nature (beaches & mountains) and a high quality of life, Vancouver is consistently named one of the best cities to live in the world. One of the downfalls of Vancouver, however, is that it is the most expensive city to live in Canada, with exorbitant housing prices.

I’m lucky enough to live one province over (although Canada is so big that this is still over a 10 hour drive) so I can visit without having to pay those crazy housing prices! 

If you are planning on visiting Vancouver (at least when it’s safe to go out), feel free to use this list as a guide on which places to eat as a vegan! I’m hoping they are all still open and in business by the time things go back to normal. 

Don’t forget to watch my video above and scroll down for the list of places I visited!

Do Chay

Website: www.dochay.ca

Address: 269 Hamilton, Vancouver, BC V5B 6K3 | 1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4

This was the place we went to when we first arrived in Vancouver. Do Chay is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that offers a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. This restaurant is in a nice trendy area, it was spacious and the food was absolutely delicious! We had fun trying out their different cocktails, too!

MeeT in Yaletown

Website: https://www.meetonmain.com/

Address: 1165 Mainland St.

A lot of you from Instagram recommended this place to me, and I am so thankful because I seriously loved this Ginger Beefless Bowl – sweet, salty, lots of flavour and yumminess. I wouldn’t say it tasted like the traditional “Ginger Beef” but it still tasted delish! I ate this picnic-style in David Lam park, where I also had an awesome view.

We also went to this MeeT branch over in Gastown where we met up with an old friend. This time, I had The Might Mac — a fully loaded burger that I wasn’t sure how I started eating (it was a bit messy)! MeeT has a large menu of so many different plant-based options so I can’t wait to try more. 

Virtuous Pie

Website: www.virtuouspie.com

Address: UBC – 3330 Shrum Lane, Vancouver BC | Chinatown – 583 Main Street, Vancouver BC

This is an all-vegan pizza place that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. We grabbed the following pizzas (everything was delicious and all my non-vegan friends enjoyed the pizzas as well!):

  • Italian eggplant
  • Pesto CBR
  • Superfunghi
  • Stranger Wings

I loved the uniqueness of these pizzas and thoroughly enjoyed each one! 

Cartems Donuts

Website: https://cartems.com/

Address: Downtown – 534 West Pender, Vancouver BC | Mount Pleasant – 2190 Main St., Vancouver BC

My friends wanted to go and get some donuts, and we went to this place called Cartems! Apparently, they have a lot of vegan and gluten-free options (which made me really happy!). My favourite was the Earl Grey flavour. 


Website: https://www.raisu.ca/

Address: 2340 West 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC

Raisu is a Japanese restaurant that carries delicious options for vegans! I had to preorder this Vegan Bento in advance, and the result was a delicious selection of vegan selections which I gladly ate with a side of plantbased miso soup and rice! This may have been one of my favourite meals in Vancouver – I loved the elegant decor of the restaurant, the uniqueness of each little dish in my bento box, the area where the restaurant is located and the price of this bento was not so bad either. 

The Cider House

Website: https://ciderhouserules.ca/

Address: 1602 Yew St, Vancouver, BC

Our next stop was The Cider House, which was located right by Kitsilano Beach (super cute area). We just went there for cider (after our lunch at Raisu), but they also offer a completely vegan menu (but we just weren’tt hungry). I actually didn’t even know they had a plant-based menu until I got there, which was such a pleasant surprise. Will probably try out their menu the next time I visit! 

The General Public Sushi House

Website: https://thegeneralpublic.ca/

Address: 3289 Main St., Vancouver

If you want plant-based sushi with a twist, then you should definitely try out the food from The General Public Sushi House! They have a pretty large vegan sushi menu so naturally I got a bunch of stuff to myself. Aside from the great-tasting sushi, they have yummy cocktail drinks that we enjoyed (even though we promised we weren’t going to drink that night LOL), as well as some funny and strange decor! It definitely does NOT look like a sushi restaurant – I’ll tell you that much. 

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