Vegan Eats in LA #2 (Our Third Day…)

Most of what I did in LA is eat a bunch of vegan food. I could probably do a full blog post on all the vegan places we ate at (I probably should at some point…) but until then, I guess you’ll just see it in segments as my videos come out..heh…

On this particular day of eating, we went for brunch at Flore Vegan. We went mainly for one reason – vegan chicken and waffles. I actually have never had chicken and waffles, vegan or non-vegan, so I was pretty excited to try… I mean, I like waffles and I like deep-fried fake meat so there wasn’t really much of a doubt in my mind that I would enjoy it.

We also got their buckwheat pancakes with some fruit which were pretty good but nothing to die for. We just thought we’d be somewhat healthy instead of eating two unhealthy dishes. We obviously shared the two so we could each have some of the chicken and waffles… This is the kind of thing that I wish was available in ALL cities!! Yummy and fattening vegan brunch that is more exciting than just…scrambled tofu. We enjoyed our brunch outside in the sun (on Sunset Boulevard) with a glass of orange juice… does it get more LA than that?

Afterwards, we ended up exploring a little bit in Downtown LA and took a bunch of “insta” pics. We also went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Here are some random shots of the day:


For a late lunch slash dinner, we went to a place that was highly recommended by many people – Sage Bistro. The cafe/restaurant itself was super aesthetically pleasing… Really cute, well-lit and nicely decorated. It was also super close to Echo Park, which is a beautiful park in LA with a lake and a million and one palm trees.

I got their Cauliflower Piccata, which was basically a cauliflower steak with capers, served with some greens and brown rice. It was quite a simple dish that was probably one of the healthiest things I ate in LA. I’m not really sure what my opinion of the dish was to be honest… On one hand, it was quite basic – essentially just brown rice with a piece of cauliflower and a few other things. On the other hand, even though it was basic, it had very nice and delicious flavours and had a “clean” feeling when I ate it.. Not sure if that makes sense. Either way, I enjoyed the meal.

Alice got the Parmesan Sandwich with veggie meat balls which was super yummy and flavourful. We also ended up getting dessert – strawberry cheesecake! It was delicious but as Alice put it – “tastes vegan”. As in, you wouldn’t be able to fool someone that it was a real cheesecake but it still tastes delicious as its own thing.

We ended up at the Griffith Observatory in the evening and saw the sunset from up there which was super beautiful.

After we were done exploring for the day, we realized we were near a place called Cruzer Pizza, which is a 100% vegan pizza place that a lot of people recommended. It’s a takeout/delivery type place, not really somewhere you sit down to eat. So Alice grabbed a simple cheese pizza with some ranch sauce on the side. I was hesitant because they apparently use Daiya cheese, which I’m not usually a fan of. But this pizza was actually super yummy and I highly recommend getting a side of ranch because the ranch sauce, well… tasted just like ranch! It was delicious.

Looking back at these eats, I honestly would love to go back to LA just to do another food tour… maybe spend like 3-4 days there and just eat at ALL the different vegan spots in town. Anyone want to travel to LA with me?!

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