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The other day, I was really craving CHEESY spaghetti & meatballs. And YES, you can have cheesy spaghetti & meatballs as a vegan! It’s quite easy to veganize, and let me tell you… this was so delicious!

There’s something so comforting about spaghetti & meatballs. I actually did a recipe video a few weeks ago for some delicious lentil meatballs. They were not what I had in this mukbang (eating show), but they were quite similar. The meatballs I had in the mukbang were made of chickpeas and a few other random ingredients I found around the house… Of course, I didn’t happen to write down the recipe! I will try to figure it out and post it for you.

For this mukbang, I actually ended up mixing WHOLE WHEAT SPAGHETTI NOODLES with UDON NOODLES!! I know right, as if I didn’t use udon noodles enough!!! I was originally just going to make the dish with spaghetti, BUT I realized last minute that I only had a little bit of spaghetti left and so… udon to the rescue! Honestly, udon noodles just make any noodle dish even tastier because of its delicious starchiness and thickness. I highly recommend trying a spaghetti dish with udon noodles!

Get the vegan spaghetti & lentil meatballs recipe here:


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1 thought on “Vegan Eating Show: CHEESY SPAGHETTI & “MEAT”BALLS!”

  1. The meatballs look effing STELLAR! I’ve been craving vegan meat for some strange reason, haha! I do have to ask–is cheesy spaghetti your favorite spaghetti combination? In addition, I’m inspired to film a mukbang myself. Not sure what I’ll eat, but I know it’s gonna be delicious!

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