Vegan Dollar Store Recipes (Part 2)

A few days ago, I did a Vegan Dollar Store Haul and Recipes video, where I showed you guys some interesting and unique finds from Dollarama (a Canadian dollar store). I found a bunch of things that I wasn’t expecting to find and some of them were surprisingly good 🙂 I decided to make a few different recipes using the ingredients I bought from the dollar store and I came up with some FANCY SCHMANCY MEALS! Okay, so it’s not the GREATEST, but i’ve discovered you can actually buy food from the dollar store and eat it too.

I made some fancy schmancy pasta with beetroot, chickpeas, tomato and other goodness…


I also made a nice spread that I could eat with the rice crackers I bought… and serve with a side of the stuffed vine leaves…


And last but not least, a two ingredient pasta sauce (that you could also eat with your ramen noodles) which is ridiculously easy to make! For the recipes, check out the video (above).

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