Vegan Asian Grocery Haul (H Mart Products)

Today, I decided to show my latest Asian grocery haul! Head over to the video to watch and check out the list below of what I bought.

NEW Vegan Asian Grocery Haul! Recently, a Korean-American store called H mart opened in my city (Calgary) so I decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping. I picked up some vegan goodies and also bought some other vegan things that I wanted to try.

In total, I spent around $121.85 CAD ($91.01 USD). Yes, guys, it was quite damaging to the wallet but take note that most of the products here are stuff I don’t usually buy! Remember that vegan food doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be cheap or it can be expensive, depending on how you approach it. Most of these are specialty items and are imported which obviously adds to the cost. 

If you’d like to see my other grocery hauls from regular grocery stores and ones that are much more budget friendly, please head over to my Vegan Grocery Hauls playlist!

If you’d like to see my must-have ingredients for Asian cooking, I had a video on that before which I’ll link at the end of this blogpost. The products featured in that video are my staple items that I always have in my kitchen and that I use very regularly. So if you are new to Asian cooking, that video could hopefully be of help to you.  

On the other hand, if you’d like to see what I purchased on my NEW grocery haul video, check out the list below~ (This haul was VERY random – I just picked up whatever came to my attention. Hope you enjoy!)

Vegan Asian Grocery Haul from H Mart

Note: Please be sure to always check ingredients lists because you just never know when they’ll sneak in animal products!

Fridge items

  • Korean peppers (I dip these into ssamjang (Korean soybean paste dipping sauce) or eat it with rice)
  • Danmuji or pickled radish (great for kimbap; make sure to pick the white one because they yellow ones are said to cause cancer)
  • Silken tofu (same as extra soft tofu; perfect for soups; custard-y texture)
  • Enoki mushrooms (great for soups and stir-fries)
  • Inari (seasoned fried bean curd; I used this to create the inari sushi from a previous mukbang video)


  • Asian pear  
  • Golden kiwis

Noodles/Instant Stuff

  • Bibim men (Instant spicy cold noodles)
  • Tteokkbokki (spicy Korean rice cakes) 
  • Spicy cold buckwheat noodles
  • Kalguksu AKA Knife Cut Noodles (handcut noodles that are perfect with soups)
  • Indo mie mi goreng (not sure if it’s vegan – based on my look at the ingredients list, it looks vegan, but please let me know if it isn’t!)

Freezer Items

  • Mochi Ice Dessert in Green Tea flavour (a delicious, non-dairy, and gluten-free dessert!)
  • Korean pancakes in Taro flavour
  • Frozen vegetable dumplings
  • Frozen udon noodles


  • Roasted seaweed 
  • Wheat cake (filled with red bean; might be perfect with coffee!)
  • Natto (fermented soy beans; a popular Japanese side dish that’s often eaten during breakfast)
  • Korean Crunchy Sweet Potato Shaped Snacks 
  • Shikhae (Korean sweet rice drink)
  • Grass jelly (I love this in my bubble tea)
  • Vitasoy soy milk drink in chocolate flavour
  • Chestnuts (a type of nut that’s popular in Korea as a snack)

Did you like my new Vegan Asian grocery haul? Check out my video on my MUST-HAVE ASIAN INGREDIENTS and check out this PLAYLIST for my Vegan Asian Recipes!

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