Trying Out a Vegan Filipino Dish (Sweet-Style Spaghetti!) + The Vegan Bundle Relaunch!

For today’s mukbang video, I decided to try out a recipe from a Filipino vegan influencer! Watch my video below and don’t forget to scroll down for my latest surprise!!!

I’ve been wanting to try out a vegan Filipino dish for some time now, and I know I’ve heard about Filipino spaghetti being one-of-a-kind when it comes to taste! Luckily, I chanced upon Jessica Uy — the awesome human behind The Food Takes Flight. I saw that she had vegan Filipino spaghetti on her recipe eBook, and I just had to try it!

Apparently, what makes Filipino spaghetti special is (ta-daaaah) sugar! Yes folks, Filipino spaghetti is sweet, and I didn’t know it could taste so good until I tasted it!

See what else I think about vegan Filipino-style spaghetti through my video here!

Now, for some awesome news…

Yes, my friends! The VEGAN BUNDLE is here for the 2nd time around! So those who wanted to buy it but weren’t able to, now is the time to rejoice, people!

And to even add to the excitement, there are 30 more eBooks included in the Bundle, but you still get it at the same price of $50!!!


About the Vegan Bundle:

✅Collection of 90 vegan eBooks from various vegan creators (including myself)⁠

✅Only $50 for all 90 eBooks covering various topics including vegan recipes (over 3000 recipes… you’ll never go hungry), lifestyle tips, fitness and workout tips and more…⁠

✅Including my Everyday Asian Recipes eBook which contains over 60 vegan Asian-inspired recipes ⁠

✅Get a FREE GIFT exclusively from ME – only if you purchase through my link (link in bio), you’ll get a FREE copy of my new (never been released) How To Go Vegan Guide for 2020. To claim your FREE GIFT, purchase the bundle by clicking here and then fill out this form!

✅Save over 97% – each eBook will only cost $0.56… so even if you are interested in just a FEW of the eBooks, it’s worth it⁠

✅Over $1,900 value!⁠

✅This deal ONLY lasts until Friday, February 7th at 11:59pm HST 

(Also, if you’ve bought the Bundle before, you don’t have to re-purchase because the new eBooks will also be accessible to you. How cool is that? :D)


Just so you know, the Filipino-style vegan spaghetti I had for this day’s mukbang came from The Foodie Takes Flight eBook, which also happens to be part of the Vegan Bundle. As before, my two eBooks are still part of the Bundle, so if you’ve been planning on purchasing it for a while, now’s your chance to get more value for your money!

So if you wanna try out new recipes, learn more about the vegan lifestyle, or are looking for more vegan inspirations, just head over to this link to purchase. I’m even including a little FREE gift as my token of gratitude for your support (check your inbox to see if you received my email today! or claim your FREE gift by clicking here after you purchase the bundle)

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