Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival (IMPOSSIBLE BURGER!!)

… Toronto isn’t there anymore because… I ATE IT!!!

In all seriousness, I happened to be in Toronto during the Vegan Food & Drink Festival and I went there to pig out with Lisa from The Viet Vegan and Russell from Rollercoaster Vegan. We strategized a bit so we could try the most food, so we essentially took turns buying different things and sharing… yes, many many germs were shared on this day. Germaphobes rejoice!

What I Ate in a Day at Vegan Food & Drink Festival:

The first thing we got to try were these Waffle Fries Benedict from Champs Diner (a vegan eatery in Brooklyn, NY) which were BOMB. I wanted to try Champs Diner when I was visiting New York but didn’t get a chance to because it was a little further away than one would hope. But thankfully, they had a stand in the festival!!

I quickly came across the Impossible Burger stand not long after I got there. If you don’t know, the Impossible Burger is supposedly one of the (if not THE) “meatiest” plant-based burgers out in the market. It contains an ingredient called “heme” which is supposedly only found in meat burgers but this gives it a very meat-like texture, smell, taste, etc…

At first, I was really hesitant on lining up in the giant line for a burger… but since I’ve been meaning to try this for so long, I thought I’d just suck it up.

I also happened to run into Curtis, a LIFELONG vegetarian, when I was in line for the burger (it was a long line… we kinda had to make friends otherwise we’d die of boredom). He’s never had meat before and I wanted to get his reaction on camera since this burger is supposed to taste exactly like meat! Just imagine never having meat before and trying a plantbased burger that tastes like meat but not knowing what it’s actually supposed to taste like… it’s a bit of a mindf*ck. lol.


We literally paid $20 for a burger… I know, it’s atrocious but pretty much everything at this festival was a bit pricey. No wonder people think veganism is so expensive!

Here are some of my facial expressions when trying the Impossible Burger lol:

After eating the Impossible Burger, it was very filling so I just nibbled at a lot of things. We tried everything from dumplings, breakfast donut sandwiches, ice cream, macarons, fried chicken, chocolate, Ital food and yes, more burgers… Lisa (The Viet Vegan) happened to get the Arlos Burger (all the way from TEXAS) which happened to be super yummy as well….


Oh and other than the great food, the best part of this whole experience was meeting so many viewers there!! It feels so great when I meet people that watch my videos in real life and they have nothing but such kind things to say to me (even though I’m such a loser. jk but not really lol). It was such an honour meeting so many beautiful likeminded people. If you’re reading this and you EVER see me in public, PLEASEEE don’t hesitate to say hi. I promise I won’t bite!

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