Tomato in a Rice Cooker… Does it work?

Watch the video above to see if this Tomato in a Rice Cooker Recipe actually works!

Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to try out this Tomato in a Rice Cooker “recipe” for SO LONG. I first saw it on a YouTube channel called Simply Dumpling and I was amazed at how easy it looked. I wanted to try it for a long time but never really got around to it. I don’t know why, since it’s such a simple and easy recipe.

It’s literally adding just a few things like oil, salt and pepper into a rice cooker along with white rice and a ripe tomato… That’s literally it! No other seasonings, no other ingredients. And apparently, the juices from the tomato along with the very few condiments are supposed to give the rice all the flavour it needs.

I wanted to give it a go for the first time on camera so you guys could see if it actually worked for me or not. Watch the video above to find out!

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