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February 1 2019

Easy Go-To Vegan Recipes

One of my tips on going plant-based or vegan is to come up with a “short list” of easy, go to vegan meals that you know you love. When you have a list of about 5 or so meals that you can easily whip up, this will make your vegan journey so much easier. If …

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Vegan Pizza Toast & Tofu Cheese Recipe! (Super Easy and Lazy)

 Watch video to see how I made the vegan pizza toast! I follow a lot of different YouTubers – both vegan and non-vegan – because I like watching a variety of content and I find myself getting inspiration from both vegan and non-vegan channels as well. Recently I saw a video by a fellow …

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Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #1

I know that this isn’t new on my channel/blog… Let’s face it, my entire platform is about lazy recipes lol. But I wanted to make it easy for you guys to access the really lazy meal ideas and recipes, so I decided to start somewhat of a series. This will be also accessible in a …

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