Smoothie Bowl Recipes (and Tips!)

Watch the video above to get the smoothie bowl recipes! 

Ever get tired of the same old smoothie every morning? Do you crave the chew and different textures? Then, you might be ready to make some delicious smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls might seem very basic, just like avocado on toast, but there’s something I just love about them. The fact that you can create endless kinds of smoothie bowls, you can customize to your own liking AND you feel like you’re having ice cream for breakfast.

Although I normally would describe myself as a “savoury tooth”, I still sometimes crave a refreshing and sweet smoothie bowl, especially if it is loaded with interesting and yummy toppings. So I’m here to show you guys a few smoothie bowl recipes and share with you some basic tips on making a great smoothie bowl.

I worked with iHerb to make these recipes for you guys and you can check out the products I used in the description box of the video (above).


Tip #1: Use a food processor, NOT a blender. 

I love blenders, but I strongly believe (based on lots of trials and personal experience) that smoothie bowls and thick frozen-fruit based “ice creams” were meant to be made in a food processor. I’m not sure what it is, but something about a food processor allows the frozen fruit to be blended super evenly and well without you having to do too much mixing around.

I used to think I needed a super expensive, high speed blender to make proper creamy frozen banana nice cream or smoothie bowls. I’ve realized after many tries that a food processor will do just as good of a job, IF NOT BETTER. I’ve actually used EXPENSIVE blenders to try to make a thick smoothie bowl and banana nice cream, but they never do that great of a job compared to a food processor and usually cause a lot of frustration on my end.

And you don’t even need to use a super expensive food processor either – I’ve used one under $100, and it does a great job at making a lovely thick smoothie bowl. So try this out TODAY if you have found yourself frustrated at trying to make a thick smoothie bowl with a blender.

This is the food processor I use – it’s a food processor and blender duo and I LOVE IT. I use it all the time – highly recommend.

Tip #2: Use cut up & frozen fruit (hint: bananas). No need for ice. 

You can add a bit of ice if you wish but you don’t necessarily need it if you have enough frozen fruit. The frozen fruit will give your smoothie that thick and creamy consistency without being “icy” like a slush. Frozen bananas will be your best friend but frozen pineapple, mango and berries can also do a great job.

Try to make sure your frozen fruit isn’t in giant chunks, otherwise it will give the food processor a much harder time. Generally, I try to use pieces of fruit that have been cut up into smaller sizes but like I mentioned earlier, a food processor does wonders and I’ve blended big frozen pieces of banana which have blended really well…. but still – try to cut up your fruit into smaller pieces and freeze them in advance.

Tip #3: Add some protein and/or healthy fats.

I strongly believe in making my meals/snacks more filling so that I won’t be reaching for more snacks in the next hour or so. A common complaint I hear from people trying to eat more healthy or trying to become a vegan is that they are ALWAYS HUNGRY. As important as it is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, it is also important to make sure we are eating enough foods that are satisfying and satiating.

I know that protein powders can be controversial, but I’m a big fan. I just find that in today’s busy climate where everyone is on the go, it is so easy to add a scoop of protein into a smoothie or smoothie bowl and make that meal last much longer than it would’ve otherwise. I always like to add a protein of some sort into my smoothies and my protein of choice is protein powder. You could also add things like nut butters, chia or hemp seeds for some healthy fats and protein, as well as avocado which will give your smoothie a really rich and creamy consistency.

Tip #4: Be creative with your toppings – think… TEXTURE! 

I love different textures and I love a good crunch. That’s why I find smoothie bowls so interesting because I feel like every bite has its own element and is different. So feel free to be creative with your toppings (watch video above to get inspiration). You could add things like crunchy granola (my fave thing to add on top of a smoothie bowl), fresh fruit, coconut flakes and chips, seeds, nuts, etc…

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