Realistic Day of Self-Care (What I Eat in a Day – Lazy Vegan!)

Today, I shared another realistic day of self-care, paired with delicious, easy, and lazy vegan meals! Head over to the video below to see how my day went and scroll down if you prefer reading~

Phew, it’s another productive lazy day for me — days where I still get relatively productive but doing so at a slower, more comfortable pace. Let’s face it, guys… In a world where lots of people take productivity and efficiency seriously, it’s often easy to work longer hours and leave little time for self-care. As a content creator, there are always days where I can easily work through the night, but alongside that, I make sure to give myself ample time to recover.

So here’s me sharing another realistic day of self-care! I say ‘realistic’ because not all the time should a day of self-care be made up of spa sessions, going on a hike, or lounging at a pool. Sometimes, doing self-care means eating a good meal, or watching a good movie on Netflix while enjoying a glass of wine!

Of course, the best highlight of my video above is the food! Here’s a quick rundown of all the meals I ate during this realistic day of self-care~

Breakfast: Buffalo Chickpeas on Toast with Smoothies

So for breakfast, I decided to keep it simple and made some toast topped with cashew cheese (made by Mama Lee — no recipe yet, sorry!) and some roasted buffalo chickpeas. For my drink, I had this beautiful blue smoothie, which was really delicious and satisfying~ (Head over to the video to check out what this delicious smoothie is!)

Lunch: Bibimbap with Jeon

If you’ve been following me for quite some time now, then you probably already know how obsessed I am with bibimbap! For those who don’t know, bibimbap (비빔밥 ) literally means “mixed rice” in Korean, and is a super popular Korean dish. Traditionally, this dish usually contains an egg (or meat), but of course, we can easily take that out to make it vegan (that’s what I actually love about this dish, so easy to veganize — and healthy, too!). In fact, we sell a delicious fresh version of Bibimbap at my vegan cafe! That’s how much I love it.

If you want to try making your own vegan bibimbap, just head over to this RECIPE!

The side dish that I had with this delicious vegan bibimbap is what we Koreans call jeon (전) — a Korean dish that’s traditionally eaten during the Korean new year. It’s basically made by coating cut up vegetables or mushrooms or tofu with flour and pan-frying them. Obviously, you can try making this using whatever you like, but this one right here had sweet potato, smoked tofu, mushroom, onion, zucchini, and even cabbage! I can’t take credit for this yumminess though – my parents made lots of jeon for Korean New Year and brought me some. Can’t complain – LOL!

Dinner: Pasta Mac Squash with Pasta Mac Squash Turk’y Cutlets

For dinner, I decided to make myself some Pasta Mac Squash with a side of Gardein Turk’y Cutlets & Sauteed Spinach! It’s a really simple meal — all I had to do was to boil up some pasta, heat up the sauce (see video to see what sauce I used), pan fry the turk’y cutlets, and saute the spinach that’s seasoned with garlic salt and lemon juice. YUM!

Evening Snack: Kahlua Cocktail and Popcorn

By 6pm, I already signed off work so I was free for the rest of the evening. After dinner, I made myself a cocktail (very simple – kahlua with oat milk over ice!) and popcorn to enjoy while I watched a few episodes of a series from Netflix (check the video if you want to hear my girl screams LOL). 

So that’s it for my latest ‘What I Ate in a Day’! Head over to more ‘What I Ate in a Day’ videos below if you love watching this type of videos!

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