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Have you heard? We’ve started a brand new PODCAST!!!

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I’m not sure if you know how much I love creating content. I started creating videos on YouTube because I loved the creative aspect of video, loved the interactive aspect of YouTube and I also wanted to share my passion for veganism with the world.

As I’ve grown on YouTube and became a full-time content creator, I’m constantly getting excited at the prospect of creating new and exciting content in different ways.

This is why I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with your favourite guest star on my YouTube channel, my beloved friend Daniel, to create our very own PODCAST!

I know, everyone and their dog has a podcast nowadays. But people said the same thing when I started my YouTube channel~ I believe in trying new things and constantly growing. I thrive off of new projects and new endeavours – constantly reinventing myself.

I know so many of you love Daniel and since him and I get along so well and both of us LOVE talking (we could literally talk for hours and hours without stopping lol), it would be a fantastic idea to start a new podcast together.

Our podcast will be called The SaVeg Podcast – inspired by the name of my vegan cafe, SaVeg Cafe. For those of you that don’t know, SaVeg is a play on the word “savage”.

The podcast will consist of us giving our “saveg” take on all things life, veganism and more. Basically, you get to be a fly on the wall while we chat about issues and topics that we care about. This will be unfiltered, honest and might get a bit SAVAGE.

Anyway, the first episode of the podcast is NOW LIVE on Patreon – you can listen immediately when you support us on Patreon. This will give you access to each episode a week early and other exclusive perks- Click here to listen now!

If not, that’s okay too! We will be releasing the podcast to the public next week! So stay tuned for that.

We are super excited for this new project and I hope you are too.

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