My Roommate Tries Vegan Food!!

If you’re familiar with my channel at all, you know that I’m an affiliate of Vegan Cuts and I do a Vegan Cuts unboxing & taste test video once a month! I love doing these because it gives people an idea of some of the awesome vegan options available out there. Plus, it’s always fun to taste food and get a little package in the mail every month.

If you don’t know, Vegan Cuts is an all vegan snack and beauty box subscription service

Check out their site here to sign up for a box or see what products they have to offer:

Check out the individual boxes + marketplace here:
♡ Snack Box:
♡ Beauty Box:
♡ Marketplace:
♡ Vegan Starter Kit:

This time, I sat down with my new roommate, Jenny, to get her to taste the snacks with me. We moved in together in the beginning of the year but Jenny and I go way back – we were friends since grade 7! If you’re nice, maybe I’ll reveal some old embarrassing photos of us…. haha, or maybe not.

Check out this video and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!


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