Lazy & Easy Meals (What a VEGAN Eats in a WEEK!)

Today’s new video is a peek into a week of lazy & easy vegan eating! Check out below and scroll down to read a little bit about each meal~

Here’s another batch of lazy & easy vegan meals! For today’s What I Ate in a Week, the theme is: “Let’s use up everything in my fridge”. Since my full-time job involves creating new recipes to share on my channel, leftovers are an inevitable. Today is the day I took out all my leftovers and putting them all (finally!) to good use — which basicaly means eating them LOL. 

This simple blogpost doesn’t involve a recipe. (Sorry!) However, I’m going to walk you through my week of eating and hopefully, you’ll find this enjoyable~

In the next section, I wrote a diary-ish entry of all lazy & easy vegan meals I’ll be mentioning. Feel free to check out the video as well if you prefer a visual experience~

Day 1 – Monday

first lazy & easy vegan meal: a photo of toast filled with mashed veggie balls

For breakfast, I took two pieces of toast, spread some marinara on one and vegan mayo on the other. For the filling, I mashed in some of my leftover Almond Pulp Veggie Balls. I also had a side of cucumber slices tossed in this zesty Italian dressing which I’ve had forever.  

Fast forward to lunch, I had half of two of the dishes served at my cafe (SaVeg Cafe). Here you’ll see I had Hummus & Avocado Wrap alongside some Japchae (Korean glass noodles). Of course, there has to be kimchi~ YUM!

a photo of a plate of thanksgiving dinner featured with the easy vegan meals i had in the video

I ended up going to a friend’s place for dinner to celebrate Friends-giving! I made my 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Gnocchi and ate them with Crispy Soy Curls, gravy, cranberry sauce, Beyond meatballs, and roasted vegetables! 

Day 2 – Tuesday

The next day for breakfast, I had these fajita-style tortillas made out of rice flour. The toppings were a mixture of vegetables and enoki mushrooms and flavoured with coconut amino. I also had some of the Almond Pulp Veggie Balls I mentioned earlier. 

not an easy vegan meal but shows a bowl of vegan tuna poke bowl

For lunch, I am once again at my cafe and I had the Vegan Tuna Poke Bowl for lunch! If you’re in the same city, I highly recommend trying this out. The “tuna” is marinated tomatoes served with fresh veggies and brown sushi rice (this is one of my faves!).

a plate filled with fries, soy curls, and salad --  an easy vegan meal to put together

For dinner, I had these leftover air-fried fries that I pan fried to make them slightly crispy again. I also cooked some Soy Curls and seasoned it with garlic salt and mixed in some Frank’s hot sauce (I also made this in a previous What I Ate in a Day video). To balance out this meal, I also threw in leftovers from my Creamy Broccoli and Cranberry Salad.

Day 3 – Wednesday

The next morning, I had more of the Broccoli salad from the previous night along with two slices of toast on which I spread peach jam and tomato basil bruschetta and beans. A quick and easy breakfast for me!
I ended up having both lunch and dinner at my cafe, as it was a busy day for me. I had a bowl of Bibimbap for lunch, and a bowl of our Vegan Bulgogi for dinner!

Day 4 – Thursday

For breakfast on Thursday, I heated up some of those rice flour tortilla thingies again and had them taco-style! The filling includes black beans cooked in some leftover marinara sauce and topped onto a bed of leftover veggies. Lastly, I added in some shredded cabbage on top for extra crunch!

Lunch includes instant vermicelli with some broccoli and a mixture of Soy Curls and black beans. I poured hot water over the vermicelli and broccoli to cook it (a little hack that I learned over time — check the video to see how it’s done!). After those are cooked, I threw it in with the Soy Curls and black beans in a pan. To make the sauce, I mixed in some rice vinegar, soy sauce, coconut aminos, and PB2 (powdered peanut butter). Once it’s cooked, I plated these and topped everything with shredded cabbage, green onions, and sriracha. Truly and easy vegan meal to make!

For dinner, I wanted to make a spicy noodle soup. I threw together some cabbage, bok choy and minced garlic in a pan. For the soup, I sprinkled in some gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder) before adding in some water and seasoning. Once the soup has boiled, I threw in a frozen block of udon and let it cook! The result is a comforting, delicious, and cozy spicy noodle soup~

Day 5 – Friday

another easy vegan meal -- pan fried tofu and broccoli with rice, topped with natto and green onions

For Friday morning, breakfast included pan-fried tofu slices, broccoli, brown rice, and NATTO. Natto is a traditional Japanese food that’s made from fermented soybeans. Japanese people often have this for breakfast. I remember trying it before but not liking it, but since it’s really supposed to be healthy and nutritious, I decided to give it another try. I mentioned this in my previous Asian Grocery Haul video, and taste-wise, it’s not the worst but definitely not the best. Since it’s an acquired taste, I’m sure I still have a lot of acquiring to do LOL.

Once again, I had lunch at the cafe and had this bowl of delicious Korean curry! It’s a simple curry dish with potatoes, carrots, chickpeas, green peas and onions, served alongside rice and topped with shredded nori flakes!

For dinner today, I went out with my friend Daniel and I had a noodle dish along with some delicious wine (because we all deserve a glass of wine after surviving a busy week!).

Day 6 – Saturday

For Saturday’s breakfast, I actually cooked for Daniel, Angela (my roomie!) and myself and created this yummy plates of Scrambled Tofu (check out my super easy Scrambled Tofu Seasoning recipe you can use for all your scrambled tofu needs!) topped with vegan cheese, asparagus, veggie hotdogs, air-fried potatoes, and toast with vegan butter. Doesn’t that look so delicious?

Lunch includes some Inari Sushi with Toppings with a side of mini cucumbers dipped in Korean soybean paste (or ssamjang)~ If you haven’t heard of this yet, Inari Sushi is fried tofu bean curd that’s stuffed with seasoned sushi rice. I made it more interesting by adding in some toppings. For more topping ideas, you can head over to this link right HERE.

Lastly for dinner, I just made a quick Instant Buckwheat Noodle meal (one I bought in my H-Mart Haul video). It’s a spicy noodle dish that has its own sauce which I ate with edamame beans and pickled radish. YUMMY! 

Day 7 – Sunday

Finally for the last day in this What I Ate in a Week video, I was craving for noodles again (not surprised anymore, eh?) and made the same kind of soup I made on Day 4, only with a different type of noodle. So yes, noodles for breakfast are my cup of tea! 

I didn’t really have time to cook up something for lunch because I went out with my family and our beloved dog Nari and went to A&W for lunch! I had a Beyond Burger with no mayo along with some fries.

And finally, for our family dinner, my mom made these amazing tofu kimchi pancakes and also had this super yummy salad — kind of like a sashimi salad but vegan. I actually have a similar recipe to this in my Everyday Asian Recipes eBook so feel free to try it out. I also had some rice, kimchi, burdock root, and miso soup with tofu and enoki mushrooms. A feast indeed! 

Do you like videos with lazy & easy vegan meals like this? Simply click on the thumbnail below to see more of my What I Ate in a Week videos~

a thumbnail photo of all the lazy & easy vegan meals featured in this blog

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