I tried LOW CARB VEGAN for a week!

Trying the LOW CARB VEGAN diet for a week… part 1!

Confession: I’ve never in my entire life tried a low carb diet… even before I was vegan! I’ve never really believed in them and I had no interest in giving up the love of my life = rice.

But I wanted to try this out as a VEGAN for a number of reasons:

  1. To see if I can do it…
  2. To experiment with my body and see how I feel.
  3. To try and come up with some low carb vegan recipes for those that may be interested in this.
  4. For YouTube content purposes.

As a YouTuber, I am now responsible for creating new content and this sometimes mean experimenting with myself and doing different types of challenges. I took on this challenge for a week and I have a series of a few “low carb vegan” videos coming up on my channel so stay tuned!

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