How to Cook Tofu Like a BOSS! (Video)

Watch the video above for the BEGINNER’S GUIDE to tofu!

TOFU might be the love of my life. I’ve eaten tofu for as long as I can even remember – probably as long as I could chew! I know that in the Western world, tofu is seen as the food of the vegetarians/vegans but in East Asia, tofu is consumed by everyone. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to LOVE tofu.

Pictured above: some of the many tofu recipes from my ebook – get it here!

In fact, I didn’t even know what a “vegetarian” was when I was growing up, yet I consumed tofu on a regular basis. Korean people use tofu for a variety of different dishes. We have a few different side dishes involving tofu, we love to put tofu in soups and stews and we also love to simply pan-fry tofu.

Options for cooking tofu can be ENDLESS. Even though I’ve been eating tofu all my life, I still find new ways of using and cooking tofu constantly.

Tofu is highly misunderstood outside of Asia and I WANT TO CORRECT THIS. Tofu is often associated with being bland and tasteless and also being weird in texture. People complain about the “sponginess” of tofu and the fact that it has no flavour, without realizing that THIS IS WHAT MAKES TOFU AMAZING. Tofu can absorb flavours and can be multiple different textures depending on the style of tofu and how you prepare it.

The video above is pretty much all that I know about tofu organized into different sections. Remember that I am not some sort of tofu guru – I’m simply a tofu enthusiast!

Here are the different topics discussed:

  • The different kinds of tofu and the different ways you could cook/use them.
  • How to pan-fry tofu to have a firm texture WITHOUT pressing tofu.
  • A freezing tofu experiment! I froze and thawed out tofu to see how well it would cook and absorb flavour…. the results may surprise you!
  • Examples of different dishes you could make using tofu.

Check out the video above to learn all about tofu. I made some time-stamps in the YouTube description box of the video where you can skip to different parts depending on what you want to know.

Remember that cooking is all about experimentation so try out different recipes… I can guarantee you that you will definitely find something that you like using tofu!

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