How NOT to argue with a vegan! (Common arguments against veganism)

Believe it or not, when I first started my YouTube channel, my goal wasn’t to make it a recipe or food channel at all. A lot of people might think that that was initially my plan, but I wanted to make an encompassing YouTube channel where I can talk about veganism, share recipes and ideas, etc. It just so happened that people liked my food videos a lot and that’s just kind of how my channel evolved.

So once in a while, I still do like to throw out some discussion videos where I talk about different topics regarding veganism so here’s one for you guys!

In this video, I asked you guys on Instagram to give me some of the most common arguments you hear against veganism. I got a ton of responses, most of which I’ve heard a million times before. So I decided to film a video with my response to these “arguments”.

Here it is:

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2 thoughts on “How NOT to argue with a vegan! (Common arguments against veganism)”

  1. Another thing: “it takes too much dedication”. Veganism isn’t about being disciplined or having enough willpower. It’s about having the passion and recognition of certain morals that are meaningful enough to avoid as much animal suffering as we possibly can!

  2. Hey! This is Igor from Brazil and I just wanted to tell ya I love your videos and recipes and what you have been doing here.
    I started practising veganism 1 month ago and believe me you are part of my transition, lady whose name I failed to catch (is it Rose? No? Yes? Damn I’m terrible with names lol)
    Hopefully you are reading this and if you are I want to thank you for what you’ve been doing. Like many others I’m also asked a lot about veganism and been there to all the popular ‘arguments’ you mentioned. The way you put it into words made everything cleaner and I might quote you now and then haha.
    Sometimes when I get mad at people I remember the first video I watched from you and a few other vegans to respond with love and basically to calm down cause we were those people one day and I just wish someone helped me understand all of this sooner and nicer.
    Anyway, again I can’t thank you enough and I hope you keep doing what you do so incredibly well. GJ <3

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