Gasp, I started a blog


(totally unrelated photo but I felt weird posting a blog without a photo so yeah…)

After about 9 months of posting my very first Cheap Lazy Vegan YouTube video, I finally decided to set up a website. After coming to the traumatic realization that was taken (I’m still not over it), I decided to settle for – trust me, this was not an easy decision to make (so difficult of a decision that it’s the first thing I decided to write about when posting my first blog…).

But yes, welcome to THE Cheap Lazy Vegan dot com where I will be writing about all kinds of stuff…. related to veganism that is. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what this site/blog/yet-another-platform will entail but I’m open to suggestions and ideas, as always. I plan on (hopefully) posting some recipes and some beautiful food pornography here (am I allowed to say pornography..?) and possibly use this as another platform for my crazy rants (about veganism… not my life.. don’t worry, I wouldn’t put you through that).

Please understand that I am a total noob at this website/blogging thing and that I still have so much to learn! Although I did have a website back when I was like 13 or 14 years old…back when I was MUCH better at website building and HTML (I wish this was a joke… it’s not). I seem to remember my website looking super badass, even with those ugly Geocities ads planted all over it (anyone remember Geocities? Hah…). I can’t even remember what sort of content I posted on my website, but I do remember the name… It was… wait for it… Sweet Suger Rose. Yes, I spelt sugar with an E…. suger…. I may have lost my website building skills, but thankfully I’ve learnt how to spell the word “sugar”.

Okay, it’s time to stop rambling about literally nothing. This is the worst first blog post ever. Welcome to THE Cheap Lazy Vegan.


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4 thoughts on “Gasp, I started a blog”

  1. welcome to the blogging world! I’m new too 🙂 you should consider Bloglovin’ (if you already haven’t). it’s a good way to network and just getting your blog out there. anyway, very excited to see that you started a website! can’t wait to see future posts!

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