Cheap Lazy Vegan: The Recipes eBook!

Easy & Budget-Friendly Vegan Recipes

Simple, delicious and budget-friendly vegan recipes everyone can enjoy!

New to the vegan lifestyle? Or are you a Level 10 Vegan already? Either way, this recipe eBook is for anyone and everyone that wants to learn some delicious vegan recipes that are super quick and simple... It's the recipe eBook for non-cooks!

This is my very first eBook that I created to show the world that vegan food does not have to be expensive, tedious, difficult to approach and only for a fringe group of people. I want to show everyone that there is an easy and budget-friendly way to approach vegan cooking and it can also be fun! There are tons of recipes here that can easily become a staple in your household. So go ahead and start cooking today!


  • My vegan story: Why I decided to go vegan
  • 60 healthy & delicious plant-based recipes, each accompanied by beautiful coloured photos:
    • breakfast ideas
    • main meals
    • snacks & sweets
    • sides & sauces


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Just a little teaser of the recipes...


Easy Raspberry Scones

Only 4 ingredients to make these delicious scones!

mini sushi pizza-2

Mini Sushi Pizza

Make your own restaurant-worthy sushi pizza, using 100% plant-based ingredients!

black bean brownies-2

Black Bean Brownies

High protein vegan brownies that are not only healthy but still yummy!

perfect bean burgers

Perfect Bean Burgers

Healthy whole foods plant-based burgers everyone can enjoy!

spicy korean tofu

Spicy Korean Tofu

One of my favourite recipes I make over and over again!

soft peanut butter cookies

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Is there anyone that doesn't like soft PB cookies?

tzaziki sauce

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Creamy & healthier alternative to a classic soup!

jalapeno corn bread

Jalapeno Corn Bread

Yumminess of corn bread with a spicy kick!

chocolate chip cookies

Oil-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthier choco chip cookies without compromising the taste!

Cheap Lazy Vegan: The Recipes eBook

This is the Cheap Lazy Vegan: Recipes eBook (Volume 1).

This recipe eBook contains 60 easy-to-make, budget-friendly and delicious vegan recipes.

  • 60 plant-based recipes - beginner & budget friendly!
  • Most dishes can be prepared in 15-30 minutes - quick and easy
  • Includes My Vegan Story - why I decided to go vegan
  • Recipes are based around simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions

Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or looking to reduce your intake of meat, this recipe eBook will inspire you to start making some delicious plant-based meals to incorporate into your diet.

cheap lazy vegan recipes ebook cover

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