Eating Vegan in Disneyland & Veggie Grill Feast!!!

As some of you may know, I was in California in June for Vidcon 2017 which was in Anaheim. After Vidcon was over, I just HAD to visit Disneyland which I haven’t been to since I was a little kid! I remember how MAGICAL it felt to be in Disneyland and how much I enjoyed myself as a child… and let me tell you, I think I had just as much fun (if not more) as an adult…! teehee.

I have so much more footage that I want to post later on my VLOG CHANNEL, but for now… here are some snippets of the food and some vlog footage:



I went there with my friend Alice, who I met at Vidcon…! We are both vegan, so we explored (more like she did all the research and I tagged along for) the vegan food options… in DISNEYLAND!! I believe I had packed some food for Disneyland to make sure I wouldn’t starve… but there are definitely some options there, so you won’t go too hungry.


One of the awesome options (which Alice got) was vegetarian gumbo served in a sourdough bread bowl (yes, it is vegan, we checked!) from Royal Street Veranda, located in New Orleans Square. It’s not something I wanted to eat at the time because a) I had packed what I believe was a peanut butter sandwich and b) it was too hot to eat this at the time!! But I had a couple of bites of it, and it was pretty delicious! Oh and I didn’t know what gumbo was until this day…


After we had lunch, we decided to go for dessert… obviously. At the Tiki Bar, there happened to be some DOLE PINEAPPLE WHIP which is basically like a pineapple flavoured soft-serve ice cream…and YES, IT IS VEGAN!!! Dairy-free, baby! We stood in line for a good while (the line was huge… assuming cause it was so hot) and it was definitely worth the wait. Super refreshing, creamy and delicious. They also had a Dole Whip Float, which is basically an ice cream float with pineapple juice! I didn’t get that at this time, but I did end up trying that about a month later at a different location, and it was super yum.


Alice also got a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel which was adorable… but of course, I forgot to take a photo of it! It tasted like… a pretzel.

After a full day in Disneyland and having WAY too much fun riding childish rides (I have a fear of scary rides!!!), we had to head to LA. We took an uber to LA and our first stop was…. VEGGIE GRILL! If you don’t know, Veggie Grill is an all VEGAN fast food chain in the US specializing in…. well, vegan fast food. They have an extensive menu with so many different options including burgers, buffalo wings, nachos, mac & cheese and many many other options.

Of course, naturally, we ended up ordering way too much food for two people but it was sooo worth trying. We each got the Beyond Burger Burger which I’ve already tried before just a couple of days earlier… I ended up enjoying it so much (it reminded me of a Whopper from Burger King, which used to be my favourite fast food burger!) so I had to get another one. We also got a side of mac & cheese (which I thought was just okay), some nachos (pretty good), and buffalo wings (amazing!!).

When we got there, both of our phones were either on the verge of dying or dead… but we still managed to get some footage and also snap some photos.


Soon after this, my phone had just enough power to order an Uber. We got to our Airbnb location and my phone had died and same with Alice’s phone. And of course (just our luck!), we couldn’t find our Airbnb unit so we searched around and around and couldn’t locate it. So we had to literally knock on a random person’s door and ask to CHARGE OUR PHONES so we could locate our Airbnb… Thankfully the lady had no problem letting us charge our phones, so THANK YOU TO THE LOVELY LADY!! haha, funny how we prioritize things like taking photos of food over actually safely getting to our accommodation.

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