Eating 100g Protein a Day as a VEGAN // What I Ate in a Day

Watch the video above for HIGH PROTEIN vegan meals

Is it possible to eat over 100g of protein a day as a vegan?! YES, IT IS BEYOND POSSIBLE.

Do you HAVE TO eat over 100g of protein a day? No, of course not. In fact, the Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is apparently 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This is the minimum amount needed to meet your basic requirements for health. So for someone like me that weighs approximately 130lb or 59kg – I will need a MINIMUM of 47g of protein per day (that is if I am sedentary/don’t exercise).

Because I exercise and because I am trying to gain muscle and lose fat, I decided to up my protein intake to 100g a day at a minimum. This is definitely much more than a person my size NEEDS for basic health, but many studies have shown that a higher protein intake leads to increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

I wanted to see how my body will change on a higher protein diet (previously, I was probably eating anywhere between 50-70g protein a day) and see if this will impact my muscle growth and fat loss. I feel like I’ve reached a bit of a plateau in my fitness level and I haven’t seen any big changes recently so I’d like to see what might happen. Maybe it won’t do anything – we shall see!

This is also my chance to show you examples of higher protein vegan meals that are easy to make and incorporate into your lifestyle. I want to do more videos where I showcase delicious high protein vegan meals so definitely leave me a like in my video to show me you enjoy these types of videos.

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