Exploring the London Vegan Food Scene (Video)

Watch the video above to see “What I Ate in a Day in London”  As you may know by following my social media accounts (mainly Instagram), you probably know that I made a short visit to London in February after my Scotland trip. I spent about a week in London and since I used to […]

What a BUSY Vegan Eats in a Day! (Video)

Watch the video above to see what a BUSY (and lazy) vegan eats in a day!  Some people say that I’m actually not lazy and that my channel name is a big fat lie! But actually, I like to believe that I am still very true to my channel name. I may not be actually […]

What I Ate in a WEEK // Vegan Food in Scotland (part 2)

 What I Ate in a Week as a Vegan Who Eats Whatever – Vegan Food in Scotland (Part 2) Watch the video above to see all the food I ate!  A lot of people might think vegans are only eating kale salads and anything with quinoa. However, vegan food is so much more than […]

Vegan Food Tour in LA (video + lots of photos!)

Did I mention that vegan food in LA is the bomb? Maybe you heard me say it about 15 gajillion times… it’s one of the greatest things about California – the vegan food. Forget the beautiful weather – I went for the food! This is a compilation of some of the FINAL eats that I […]

Vegan Eats in LA #2 (Our Third Day…)

Most of what I did in LA is eat a bunch of vegan food. I could probably do a full blog post on all the vegan places we ate at (I probably should at some point…) but until then, I guess you’ll just see it in segments as my videos come out..heh… On this particular […]

What I Ate in LA as a VEGAN! (Vegan Around The World Vlog)

I’ll be honest – I’m not the biggest fan of LA. I went there with my family when I was young (around ten years old) when we were doing a road trip down the US to Disneyland and other places. I didn’t remember much about LA and this time (in June 2017) was the second […]