September 3 2018

This Was How Much Trash I Produced in a Week… (Zero Waste Challenge #2)

How much trash did I produce in a week? Watch the video above to see what was in my trash jar!  If you’ve seen my previous post, you would know that I attempted the ZERO WASTE CHALLENGE one week in July. I wanted to see how well I would do at minimizing the amount of […]

Vegan Burrito & Korean Fried Rice Eating Show (Mukbang)

Watch my vegan burrito and Korean fried rice mukbang (eating show) above! I’ve been really enjoying doing mukbang videos lately.. mainly because I have an excuse to eat tons of food in one sitting (as if I needed another excuse) but also because I get to chat with you guys about random stuff! Last time, […]

What I Ate and Drank in a Day (out and about!!!)

Watch my “What I Ate in a Day” video above!  A couple of weekends ago, there was a food truck event in my city (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and so of course, I went to see what sort of vegan food would be available. Unfortunately, I filled up too quickly at one place so I couldn’t […]

Vegan Eats in Toronto – What I Ate! (Vlog)

Watch the video above to see ALL the yummy eats from Toronto!  When I was in Toronto in August 2017, I was on a mission to eat all the delicious vegan food. After all, Toronto is usually listed as one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world. After my experience, I can definitely […]

What I Ate For TWO DAYS as a VEGAN in Toronto

 Watch video to see What I Ate in TWO DAYS as a VEGAN in Toronto!  If you haven’t noticed yet, I suck at posting things on time. Especially when I go travelling somewhere, it might be about a YEAR LATER that you’ll see the videos… So yes, these are some old clips from my […]

Vegan Afternoon Tea & Burgers in London! (What I Ate in London VLOG)

 Watch the video above!  Earlier this year (in February), I visited London, UK for a week after I spent some time in Scotland, to see my friends and of course… eat! I know it’s now May, but you guys should already know by now that I am slow AF when it comes to releasing […]

Mistakes To AVOID When Going Vegan! (Video)

Watch the video above to see what MISTAKES I believe are causing people to QUIT veganism!  It’s no secret that veganism has it’s fair share of “failures”. Lots of people making some big announcement that they are going vegan only to be followed by another announcement in a few months saying they quit veganism. I’ve […]

What I Ate in a CHILL DAY as a Vegan

 Watch my “What I Ate in a CHILL DAY as a Vegan” VLOG!  I think Saturday is my FAVOURITE day of the week… It’s the perfect day because you can sleep in if you want to (possibly nursing a hangover) and yet you still know that there’s another day in the weekend tomorrow! Even […]

Did someone say VEGAN CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH?! (vlog)

 Watch my London vlog above to see what I got up to with my friends and my reaction to a Vegan Cheese Steak Sandwich!!!  In February, I went to London for a week after my trip to Scotland. So naturally, I wanted to eat all the vegan food available! Unfortunately, it was not enough […]

How I Stay “Slim” (What I Ate in a Day & How Many Calories!)

 Watch the video above to see what I ate in a day and how many calories I ate!  Every time I post a video where I eat tons of food, a LOT of people ask me HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU STAY YOUR SIZE WHEN YOU EAT ALL THIS FOOD?! In fact, this […]