Vegan Talks

November 19 2020

7 Unpopular Vegan Opinions (#VeganTalks by Cheap Lazy Vegan)

If you have been following me on YouTube, you might have seen my TWO videos where I shared my top unpopular vegan opinions! If you haven’t seen them yet, simply click on the thumbnails below for Parts 1 and 2, or you could scroll down if you prefer to read~ PART 1 PART 2 Six […]

February 21 2019

Top 12 Tips on Going Vegan (How To Go Vegan)

1. Know your why (make the ethical connection). Think about what motivates you to become a vegan. Whether it is for your own health of for the environment. My personal reason is because of my love of animals and my belief that we shouldn’t mistreat animals. 2. Transition at your own pace. You don’t have […]

How to Navigate Social Situations as a Vegan! (Q&A)

Watch video above!  It’s funny when I hear the common stereotype of the vegan that just can’t seem to SHUT UP about being vegan… because what I witness is the complete opposite. What I see much more frequently are people feeling socially anxious because they don’t know how to tell their family and friends they […]

How NOT to argue with a vegan! (Common arguments against veganism)

Believe it or not, when I first started my YouTube channel, my goal wasn’t to make it a recipe or food channel at all. A lot of people might think that that was initially my plan, but I wanted to make an encompassing YouTube channel where I can talk about veganism, share recipes and ideas, […]