Vegan Snacks

Vegan No Bake Dessert Recipe

October 11 2023

Vegan No Bake Dessert

This vegan no bake dessert takes only 5-15 mins to make and it’s also gluten-free! It’s a no-bake recipe for the viral magic shell peanut butter cup! Everyone loves an easy, no-bake dessert! This Magic Shell Peanut Butter Cup is like a frozen Snickers bar but with healthier ingredients such as vegan yogurt, peanut butter, […]
Sweet Korean Lentils Recipe

April 28 2023

Sweet Korean Lentils Recipe

This sweet Korean lentils recipe creates delicious Korean flavours with lentils, making them sweet and mildly spiced. Using a simplified version of Korean barbecue sauce (also known as Bulgogi Sauce), we are going to make sweet Korean lentils that taste like Korean barbecue. Want to make spicy Korean lentils, try this recipe. Recipe for Sweet […]
Waffle Fries in Air Fryer

December 8 2022

Air Fryer Waffle Fries

Easy to make – crispy air fryer waffle fries recipe made from scratch! Want to try making homemade waffle fries in the air fryer from scratch? This air fryer recipe will show you the best way to get crispy waffle fries using your air fryer in 15 mins cooking time! All you need to do […]
Vegan Sweet Potato Cookies Recipe

November 19 2022

Vegan Sweet Potato Cookies Recipe

These vegan sweet potato cookies take only 20 mins to make! These are sweet & soft cookies with a subtle taste of sweet potato! If you’re looking for an easy vegan sweet potato cookie recipe, look no further! With minimal ingredients, you’ll want to make this every holiday it’s so good and perfect for a […]
Dehydrate Bananas in Air Fryer

April 15 2022

Dehydrate Bananas in Air Fryer

Easy to make – dehydrated bananas in air fryer recipe! This air fryer recipe will show you how to dehydrate bananas in air fryer in 10 mins cooking time! To make banana chips, you can add a little oil and salt to get them to be like healthy chips! Recipe for Dehydrated Bananas in Air […]

September 1 2021

Vegan Appetizers (Hors D’oeuvres) & Finger Food for Parties

Today’s newest video features FOUR delicious and easy-to-make vegan appetizers (or vegan “appies” — do you guys use this term?). Check out the video to see how I made these recipes and don’t forget to scroll down for the written instructions! Finally! Time for some vegan party appetizers! When going vegan, one of the scariest […]

August 26 2021

Vegan Mexican Street Corn Recipe! (Vegan Elotes)

Today’s ‘Cook with Me’ video features me trying out Vegan Elotes (Mexican Street Corn)! Check out the video below to see how I made it, and take a look at the written recipe below for the step-by-step instructions! Elote (pronounced as e-loh-tay) — also known as Mexican street corn — is a recipe wherein you […]

July 8 2021

3-Ingredient Vegan Snacks (Quick and Easy!)

Today I’m sharing FOUR delicious and easy-to-make 3-Ingredient Vegan Snacks! Make sure to watch the video below for visuals and to scroll down for the written recipes if you want to try making them! 3-ingredient vegan snacks?? Yes, my friends; for this batch of snack recipes, I decided to challenge myself and make FOUR yummy […]

June 24 2021

4 HIGH PROTEIN Healthy Vegan Snacks to Look like a SNACC

For today’s recipe, I shared THREE delicious, high protein and healthy vegan snacks! Make sure to watch the video below for visuals, and to scroll down if you need the written recipes~ Healthy and high protein vegan snacks can be hard to come by in grocery stores or they might be quite expensive to buy […]

May 19 2021

5 Cheap & EXTRA LAZY Vegan Dishes For ONE Person!

For today’s video, I shared FIVE cheap and EXTRA LAZY yummy vegan dishes, perfect for one person! They are so easy and lazy, you will love them. Check out the video below to see what I made, and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes~ Finally, another batch of delicious vegan meals and […]
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