Vegan Potluck

3 Classic Must-Know Vegan Recipes (High Protein)

Watch the video above!  Scroll down to see the written ingredients and recipes.  I’m sure if you’ve been around the vegan community for a while, you may have come across some version of any of these recipes that I’m about to show you. I still always end up coming back to these dishes often because […]

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe (MUST TRY!!!)

Featured in my “Vegan Comfort Recipes” video! Watch the video above or see below for the written recipe and ingredients!   I’ll admit, I don’t remember ever eating mushroom stroganoff as a non-vegan… So I wouldn’t know if this actually tastes like the non-vegan version of mushroom stroganoff. BUT I can tell you that this […]

Quinoa & Kale Salad With Peanut Tahini Dressing // Low Calorie High Protein Vegan Recipes

 This recipe was featured in the video above, “Low Calorie, High Protein Vegan Recipes”. Watch the video and scroll down below for the written recipe.   This Quinoa & Kale salad is an amazing low calorie, high protein vegan dish that is flavourful, delicious and packed full of super foods. You can have it […]

Best Vegan Lasagna Recipe (from Scratch!)

 Watch the video to see how I made this and scroll down for the written recipe!  I feel like the best recipes just come out of you just using whatever ingredients on hand and experimenting… I ended up making the best vegan lasagna I’ve ever made, simply by using the leftover ingredients I had […]

Holiday Vegan Potluck Recipes (Savoury & Sweet)

 See below for the written recipes!  The holidays are the perfect time for potlucks and dinner parties and if you think that vegans are missing out because we don’t eat meat and other animal products, then you must think again. There are SO many different amazing vegan dishes that you could make for the […]