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Rice Paper Sushi Rolls Recipe

March 30 2024

Rice Paper Sushi Rolls Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this rice paper sushi rolls recipe in 15 mins! All you need is rice paper, sushi, nori sheets, and other sushi fillings to make these tasty rolls! This rice paper sushi rolls is such a fun take on traditional sushi and so incredibly tasty when making sushi using rice […]
2 Minute Noodle Recipes

June 5 2023

2 Minute Noodle Recipes

I’ll show you how to make 2 minute noodle recipes! I’ll show you 3 ways to elevate your instant noodles to create delicious homemade noodle dishes in 2 minutes. Here are the different types of noodle recipes I will share: healthy instant noodles, spicy udon noodles, and miso rice noodles. Recipe for 2 Minute Noodles […]
Rice Paper Noodles Recipe

March 21 2023

Rice Paper Noodles

I’ll show you how to make this rice paper noodles recipe in 1 min! All you need is rice paper and oil to make these chewy and sticky noodles! You can use your own sauce to go with these delicious rice paper noodles or you can follow my recipe to make my fave rice paper […]
Vegan Chili Oil Ramen

March 7 2023

Vegan Chili Oil Ramen

I’ll show you how to make this vegan chili oil ramen recipe in 7 mins! All you need is oil, seasoning & ramen noodles of choice! It’s that simple! This is a vegan version of the viral chili oil ramen that you can easily make with just a few ingredients you probably already have at […]
Spicy Potato Noodles Recipe

February 16 2023

Spicy Potato Noodles Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this spicy potato noodles recipe in less than 40 mins! All you need is two ingredients & a spicy sauce to make these potato noodles! This potato noodles dish comes with a spicy sauce recipe that is delicious & easy to make! I was inspired by this spicy potato […]
Vegan California Roll Recipe

August 4 2022

Vegan California Roll Recipe

Vegan California roll recipe for you to try! I’ll show you how to make vegan sushi, specifically a vegan California roll two ways using tofu or hearts of palm as your imitation crab meat (which is traditionally part of a California roll). This vegan California roll is quick, easy, tasty and fun to make in […]
How To Make Vegan Pierogies

July 27 2022

Vegan Pierogies | How To Make Vegan Pierogies

Vegan pierogies recipes for you to try! From cheesy vegan pierogies to vegan mushroom pierogies, I’ll show you how to make vegan pierogies with filling options! These vegan pierogi recipes are quick, easy, tasty and can have customized fillings the way you want! Prep time is around 15 mins to make vegan pierogi dough using […]

October 28 2021

Vegan Dumpling Fried Rice (5-minute Easy Viral Recipe!)

Today’s newest recipe features another viral Korean recipe that I enjoyed — Vegan Dumpling Fried Rice! Make sure to watch the video and don’t forget to get the written recipe down below~ Vegan Dumpling Fried Rice — YUM! This trendy recipe currently being shared around on the internet in Korea right now. I don’t even […]

February 27 2021

3 SAVOURY Oatmeal Recipes (Must Try!)

Today, I created THREE delicious, savoury oatmeal recipes! Head over to the video below to watch how easy it is to make these, and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes~ Today, I’m making something that I don’t usually do — oatmeal! I don’t usually eat oatmeal that often, in spite of me […]

January 2 2021

Must Know Vegan Basics for Beginners!

Today’s new video is for the people who are planning (or are already starting out) to go vegan this January! Here are some delicious recipes and ideas that are not only simple and beginner-friendly, but are also delicious and highly satisfying! I call these the Vegan Basics You Must Know. For those of you that […]