Vegan Food Tour

February 18 2021

I Tried 5 Vegan Yogurts (Which One’s The Best?)

Today, I taste-tested FIVE different vegan yogurts! Check out the video below and scroll down to read more about each yogurt! If you loved yogurt before going vegan, fret not — there are tons of vegan yogurt brands out there and all you have to do is to check which brands are available near you. […]

Vegan Afternoon Tea & Burgers in London! (What I Ate in London VLOG)

 Watch the video above!  Earlier this year (in February), I visited London, UK for a week after I spent some time in Scotland, to see my friends and of course… eat! I know it’s now May, but you guys should already know by now that I am slow AF when it comes to releasing […]

Vegan Food Tour in LA (video + lots of photos!)

Did I mention that vegan food in LA is the bomb? Maybe you heard me say it about 15 gajillion times… it’s one of the greatest things about California – the vegan food. Forget the beautiful weather – I went for the food! This is a compilation of some of the FINAL eats that I […]