Vegan Food Haul

January 27 2021

My Favourite Vegan Alternatives

What are my favourite vegan alternatives for meat, dairy, etc.? Find out by clicking on the video below where I talked about my favourite vegan alternatives (and scroll down to see a quick list of these products)! While I always suggest eating a predominantly whole foods plant based diet for your health and your wallet, […]

October 1 2020

Vegan Asian Grocery Haul (H Mart Products)

Today, I decided to show my latest Asian grocery haul! Head over to the video to watch and check out the list below of what I bought. NEW Vegan Asian Grocery Haul! Recently, a Korean-American store called H mart opened in my city (Calgary) so I decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping. […]

April 25 2020

Vegan Grocery Haul (Whole Foods Plant-Based Food Items)

In my latest video, I showed you guys my latest vegan grocery haul! Click on the thumbnail below to see what I bought, and feel free to scroll down to see the list. It’s vegan grocery haul time, guys! While I still have a few staples left in my pantry, I had to go grocery […]

Cheap Vegan Food Haul from China Town!!! (video)

As some of you may know (if you follow me on my other social media platforms… like Instagram… and if you aren’t, you really should!!), I was recently in Toronto, Ontario. I went with a few friends mainly for leisure, to visit some old friends and ALSO to meet some fellow YouTubers, such as Lisa, […]
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