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Recipe for Chickpea Egg Salad

February 7 2023

Chickpea Egg Salad Recipe

Looking for a chickpea egg salad recipe to make vegan egg salad? Using chickpeas, I made a cheap & easy recipe to make homemade vegan egg salad in 2 mins using 6-7 ingredients to get that “eggy” taste and texture! You can use this chickpea egg salad on sandwiches, wraps or anything you like! If …

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Vegan Potato Nachos Recipe

December 20 2022

Vegan Potato Nachos Recipe

This vegan potato nachos recipe makes cheesy loaded vegan nachos using potatoes, seasoning, vegetable toppings and vegan cheese! It also takes only 5 mins to make & 20 mins to cook in an air fryer or oven! Trust me, this vegan version of potato nachos is so good you’ll be making it for any occasion! …

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Lentil Mushroom Loaf Recipe

December 20 2022

Lentil Mushroom Loaf Recipe

This lentil mushroom loaf recipe makes a savoury meatless loaf using mushrooms, lentils, oats, vegetables, herbs & spices. You can also try making my easy nut roast too! One of my favourite things to make during the holiday season is a classic lentil roast or lentil loaf with mushrooms which helps give off a meaty, …

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Vegan Corn Casserole Recipe

December 20 2022

Vegan Corn Casserole Recipe

This creamy vegan corn casserole recipe takes only 5 mins to make & 45 mins to cook! It’s the easiest & tasty corn casserole you’ll find on the internet. Trust me, this vegan version of a corn casserole is so good! If you love cornbread, you’ll love this! It’s also perfect as a holiday side …

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November 16 2021

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Planning what to cook for Thanksgiving? Here’s my new batch of delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes to make your vegan Thanksgiving extra amazing! Check out the video below for visuals and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes!  Another batch of vegan Thanksgiving recipes!  Even though we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada (we Canadians …

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Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival (IMPOSSIBLE BURGER!!)

… Toronto isn’t there anymore because… I ATE IT!!! In all seriousness, I happened to be in Toronto during the Vegan Food & Drink Festival and I went there to pig out with Lisa from The Viet Vegan and Russell from Rollercoaster Vegan. We strategized a bit so we could try the most food, so we essentially …

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March 16 2016

Vegan Taste Test at Vegfest Brighton 2016

Have you heard of Vegfest? It’s basically what I (and many other people) refer to as “vegan heaven”. It’s an ALL VEGAN festival, where you won’t ever have to worry about asking “is this vegan?!”. I’m not positive how global this festival is, but I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing three Vegfests so far since …

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