Vegan Dinner For One

Barley Minestrone Soup Recipe

January 25 2024

Barley Minestrone Soup Recipe

This delicious barley minestrone soup recipe takes about 25 mins to cook using typical minestrone ingredients, spices and cooked barley! It’s a quick, tasty, and hearty soup! This minestrone soup with barley is inspired by the healthy eating of the Blue Zone in Italy. Blue Zones are areas of the world where people tend to […]
Tofu Bacon Bits Recipe

January 16 2024

Tofu Bacon Bits Recipe

This tofu bacon bits recipe takes 10 mins to make! These smokey tofu bacon pieces are great for salad or on top of a creamy carbonara! These tofu “bacon” bits are so good and adds extra protein to any dish! This is a super easy recipe that replicates larger bacon bits thanks to our secret […]
Smoked Tofu Carbonara Recipe

December 6 2023

Smoked Tofu Carbonara

This smoked tofu carbonara recipe takes 15 mins to make! It has smoked tofu bacon in a creamy and delicious dairy-free carbonara sauce! This carbonara with smoked tofu “bacon” is so good, you won’t miss the traditional carbonara! This is a super easy recipe that replicates carbonara thanks to our secret ingredient: smoked tofu! My […]
Vegan Pink Pasta

August 18 2023

Vegan Pink Pasta Recipe

This vegan pink pasta recipe takes less than 20 mins to make! It’s creamy, pink, and delicious! Pink pasta has been very trendy since the Barbie movie came out so I wanted to make a beautiful yet delicious vegan pink pasta. This is a super easy recipe that’s creamy and super pink thanks to our […]
Vegan Hummus Pasta Recipe

July 29 2023

Vegan Hummus Pasta Recipe

This vegan hummus pasta recipe takes 10 mins to make and comes with a creamy hummus pasta sauce! To make this hummus pasta vegan, you just need a few ingredients like pasta of choice, hummus, onion, spinach, lemon, chickpeas (or other plant-based protein) and some simple seasoning like garlic powder. It’s so easy to make […]
Vegan Avocado Pasta

July 25 2023

Vegan Avocado Pasta Recipe

This vegan avocado pasta recipe takes less than 10 mins to make! It’s creamy, fresh, and delicious! Trust me, you’ll want to make this weekly it’s so good and combines my two fave ingredients: Avocado & Pasta! It’s the perfect quick & tasty vegan dinner! My avocado pasta recipe is vegan, oil-free, nut-free, and can be […]
Tofu Quesadilla Recipe

July 24 2023

Tofu Quesadilla Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this tofu quesadilla recipe in 10 mins! Who doesn’t love quick & easy tofu quesadillas? My dairy-free tofu quesadillas are a delicious high-protein vegan recipe you can whip up fast using simple ingredients you have at home! All you need is tofu, tortilla wraps, seasoning plus some veggies with […]
Gochujang Sesame Noodles

June 26 2023

Gochujang Sesame Noodles Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this gochujang sesame noodles recipe in 5 mins using Korean gochujang, noodles, sesame seeds and 3-5 simple ingredients to make a tasty dish! This Korean gochujang noodle recipe combines the rich, spicy kick of gochujang with the nutty aroma of tahini (sesame) and sesame seeds. All you need is […]
Mushroom Bibimbap

April 28 2023

Mushroom Bibimbap Recipe

This mushroom bibimbap recipe takes 7 mins to make and uses only one pan! It’s a one-pan bibimbap using one (or more if you have them) type of mushrooms. What is Bibimbap? Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish which means “mixed rice”. It normally consists of cooked rice with a mixture of various vegetables, some […]