November 24 2018

Easy Vegan Lasagna Soup Recipe (Cozy One Pot Dish)

It’s now that time of year when we start craving something comforting, warm, filling and satisfying… comfort food time! Comfort food can take the form of so many different dishes, and I’m sure depending on your own personal preference, your version or idea of comfort food is different. But I think we can all agree […]

Changes I’ve Experienced After Going Vegan

The changes I’ve experienced as a vegan… watch video above!  My vegan journey is a pretty long one but I think it needed to be that way for me to actually adjust to the whole idea of being vegan. See, it’s not just about the actual act of not eating animal products – going vegan […]

Go To Cheap & Lazy Vegan Meal Ideas!

 See video above for some go-to vegan meals! And see below for a little glimpse into my story…    How Cheap Lazy Vegan started… in case you were curious.  I came up with my handle “Cheap Lazy Vegan” (let’s say CLV now cause apparently I’m cool) when I first moved to London in the […]

I Drank 1.5 Gallons of Water a Day for Two Weeks… this is what happened.

 I’m a BIG fan of water… I never understood people that say they don’t like to drink water or that they don’t like the “taste” of water. Isn’t it just in our nature to like drinking water since it is essential for healthy survival? Anyway, I wanted to do this “challenge” that I’ve seen […]

Vegan Sushi and Instant Cup Ramen Noodles (Mukbang)

Vegan Sushi and Instant Cup Noodle Mukbang: I haven’t filmed a mukbang video in a while! If you don’t know, “mukbang” is the Korean word for an EATING SHOW. Yes, it’s essentially an eating broadcast and has become a HUGE internet phenomenon. It started off as a weird trend in Korea, where people literally started […]

Eating Vegan in Disneyland & Veggie Grill Feast!!!

As some of you may know, I was in California in June for Vidcon 2017 which was in Anaheim. After Vidcon was over, I just HAD to visit Disneyland which I haven’t been to since I was a little kid! I remember how MAGICAL it felt to be in Disneyland and how much I enjoyed […]

Cheap Vegan Food Haul from China Town!!! (video)

As some of you may know (if you follow me on my other social media platforms… like Instagram… and if you aren’t, you really should!!), I was recently in Toronto, Ontario. I went with a few friends mainly for leisure, to visit some old friends and ALSO to meet some fellow YouTubers, such as Lisa, […]

Cold Black Bean Noodle Soup (Korean-Inspired)

Cold noodles are quite popular in Korea – possibly a concept that is unusual in most Western countries. I personally love cold noodles especially on a hot summer day – refreshing, light and satisfying. This cold black bean noodle soup is usually traditionally made with soy beans instead of black beans. I’ve had both and […]

5 Minute Healthy Green Recipes // Get Fit With Me #2

For the second video to my “Get Fit With Me” series, I decided to make 3 different easy recipes that are GREEN. Because green = healthy, right? Maybe not necessarily all the time but in this case, these are healthy recipes. These are a great way to eat some healthy greens without really feeling like […]

Get Fit With Me & Meal Prep (Jerk Chili?)

I’m starting a new series on YouTube called “Get Fit With Me” – I know, such a unique title! I am always talking/thinking about how I want to get fit, lose fat and look god and yet lately, I don’t seem to be seeing much progress. I want to do this in a HEALTHY way […]
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