February 26 2020

3 High Protein Pasta Recipes (Vegan, Gluten-Free & Healthy!)

Enjoy your vegan pasta like you never have in the past with these amazing recipes. Head over to my YouTube video and scroll down for the written recipes! So if you haven’t seen my video on this yet, I made high protein vegan pasta recipes that are not only delicious but also high in protein […]

February 7 2020

Try My Bok Choy Caesar Salad: It’s Healthy, Delicious, & Refreshing!

Today, I gave a new twist to the classic caesar salad (but vegan, of course) by using bok choy instead of lettuce! It was so life-changing! Recipe video is now LIVE and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipe! I’m so excited to share this recipe with you guys because this has been […]

February 3 2020

Trying Out a Vegan Filipino Dish (Sweet-Style Spaghetti!) + The Vegan Bundle Relaunch!

For today’s mukbang video, I decided to try out a recipe from a Filipino vegan influencer! Watch my video below and don’t forget to scroll down for my latest surprise!!! I’ve been wanting to try out a vegan Filipino dish for some time now, and I know I’ve heard about Filipino spaghetti being one-of-a-kind when […]

February 1 2020

Easy Whole Foods Plant-Based Meal Prep! (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

New to meal prep? Don’t worry! This guide is all you need! Don’t forget to watch my latest YouTube video and scroll down for the written recipes! It’s been a while since I made a meal prep video and because you guys love these so much, I decide to make my first one for 2020! […]

January 25 2020

Three Easy Ways to Make Korean Rice Balls! (Delicious, Healthy & 100% Vegan!)

In today’s “Cook With Me” video, I tried THREE ways to make Korean Rice Balls! Head over to my YouTube channel to watch how I made them or scroll down for the written recipe! So today, we’re going to be making Korean rice balls or “joomukbab” in Korean, which literally translates to “fist rice” (my […]

January 22 2020

What I Learned From Meditating 20 Minutes A Day (Trying the 30-Day Meditation Challenge!)

I challenged myself to meditate 20 minutes a day for 30 days! Scroll down to read about my experience and don’t forget to watch the video posted below! Why meditate?  If you already knew me a few years ago, you’d know that I would’ve definitely asked the same question! Seriously, I had no idea back […]

December 18 2019

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Korean Skincare Routine! (for anti-aging, hydrated & clear skin)

In this video and blogpost, I’m sharing which products I’m currently using as part of my cruelty-free and vegan-friendly Korean skincare routine! Time travel! In 2011, I started delving into cruelty-free beauty, and I stopped buying from companies that do animal-testing for their products. I wasn’t even vegan yet but that was one of the […]

December 16 2019

12 Vegan Recipes for Christmas (Part 1/2 of The Cheap Lazy Vegan Christmas Blogpost Series!)

Surprise your family and friends this Christmas with these delicious vegan creations! Scroll down for the written recipes! Because vegans don’t eat meat and animal products, people think we’re missing out on a lot during the holidays. What most of these people don’t know is that there are actually TONS of delicious vegan recipes that […]

December 14 2019

How to Be Consciously Cozy: The Art of HYGGE

In my most recent Youtube video, I created a very comforting and cozy evening with the help of a little Danish concept called ”HYGGE” and some easy plant-based recipes posted below. What is Hygge? Hygge (pronounced as “HU-guh” with a very soft guh), is a Danish concept associated with everything from the ‘art of creating […]

December 11 2019

Vegan Smoked Salmon?! Trying Out the Carrot Lox Recipe!

Watch this video to learn how to make carrots taste like smoked salmon! Scroll down to get the written recipe! As a former pescetarian, I used to love salmon. I genuinely thought I could never give up fish because of this! For some reason, fish was the last thing I gave up and was the […]
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