February 24 2021

Realistic Day of Self-Care (What I Eat in a Day – Lazy Vegan!)

Today, I shared another realistic day of self-care, paired with delicious, easy, and lazy vegan meals! Head over to the video below to see how my day went and scroll down if you prefer reading~ Phew, it’s another productive lazy day for me — days where I still get relatively productive but doing so at […]

February 18 2021

I Tried 5 Vegan Yogurts (Which One’s The Best?)

Today, I taste-tested FIVE different vegan yogurts! Check out the video below and scroll down to read more about each yogurt! If you loved yogurt before going vegan, fret not — there are tons of vegan yogurt brands out there and all you have to do is to check which brands are available near you. […]

February 13 2021

Viral Tiktok Wrap Asian Style (Vegan) – Sushi & Kimbap!

Today, I am jumping on the Tiktok wrap trend! Check out the video below to see the version I made and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes! Fun fact: I don’t usually jump on trends because I’m usually a year late to trends LOL! However, I found this interesting trend on Tiktok […]

January 27 2021

My Favourite Vegan Alternatives

What are my favourite vegan alternatives for meat, dairy, etc.? Find out by clicking on the video below where I talked about my favourite vegan alternatives (and scroll down to see a quick list of these products)! While I always suggest eating a predominantly whole foods plant based diet for your health and your wallet, […]

January 16 2021

Vegan Buddha Bowls You’ll Love (3 Easy Recipes!)

Today, we are making THREE easy and delicious buddha bowls! Head over to the video to watch me whip up these bowls and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes. I love vegan buddha bowls because they are so filling and pretty easy to make. Plus, they’re so versatile that you can add […]

December 16 2020

3 BEGINNER FRIENDLY VEGAN RECIPES (How I balance my meals PLUS tips on going vegan)

In today’s recipe video, I created THREE new recipes that are not only delicious but are also beginner-friendly! Take a look at these recipes by visiting the video below and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes~ For today’s recipes video, I shared THREE amazingly easy and delicious recipes that are not only […]

November 19 2020

7 Unpopular Vegan Opinions (#VeganTalks by Cheap Lazy Vegan)

If you have been following me on YouTube, you might have seen my TWO videos where I shared my top unpopular vegan opinions! If you haven’t seen them yet, simply click on the thumbnails below for Parts 1 and 2, or you could scroll down if you prefer to read~ PART 1 PART 2 Six […]

September 28 2020

Vegan Peanut Satay Noodles (Mukbang & Recipe)

Newest mukbang PLUS cookbang (cook with me) video features my VEGAN Peanut Satay Noodles recipe! Grab a bowl and join me by watching my video below~ (and as usual, written recipe is down below) Satay is a Southeast Asian dish that traditionally consists of grilled meat or tofu drizzled with peanut sauce. If you get […]

August 6 2020

500-Calorie Vegan Meal Ideas! (Yummy & Super Satisfying!)

Today’s recipe video features THREE 500-calorie meal ideas that are delicious, healthy, and super satisfying! Check out the video below and continue scrolling down for the written recipes! Truth be told, counting calories takes a lot of dedication and is something not many people bother with when they eat. You also don’t need to bother […]

August 3 2020

Level Up Your Health & Fitness with this NEW Vegan Bundle!

[60 vegan eBooks for only $50… ! Only available for a week. Scroll down for more info & to purchase!] There are tons of resources online about health and fitness, and it can be time-consuming (not to mention confusing) trying to filter out the ones that could really help. It is for this reason that […]