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vegan clam chowder recipe

November 21 2023

Vegan Clam Chowder Recipe

This vegan clam chowder is a super quick 25 mins recipe! It makes 4 bowls of creamy vegan clam chowder for the family to enjoy or for weekly meal prep (could spread across 5 bowls). If you want to make more vegan clam chowder just multiply the measurements if you plan to bring this dish …

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Vegan Korean Seaweed Soup Recipe

October 18 2023

Vegan Korean Seaweed Soup Recipe

Vegan Korean seaweed soup, or “Miyeokguk,” is a traditional Korean soup made primarily with seaweed (also called sea mustard, or Wakame in Japanese) or “miyeok”. This vegan soup is very easy to make in 25 mins. In Korea, it’s tradition to eat this soup on your birthday or after giving birth; but really, you can …

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