Multi Cooker/Rice Cooker Recipes

Vegan Cup Noodle Fried Rice Recipe

May 28 2024

Vegan Cup Noodle Fried Rice Recipe

Easy vegan cup noodle fried rice recipe in 5 mins! This internet hack of making fried rice with a vegan cup of noodles together is definitely worth trying for an easy vegan meal! This vegan noodle fried rice cup recipe is flavourful, savoury and combines the comforting taste of fried rice with noodles in a […]

June 20 2019

Productive Lazy Day VLOG – Meal Prep Recipes!

Watch the video above to see what I did on my “Productive Lazy Day” and scroll down to see the easy Granola recipe as well as the Chickpeas & Tomatoes in a Rice Cooker Meal! I recently decided to have a “Productive Lazy Day”. Yes, a bit of an oxymoron but also something that I’d […]

Vegan Multi-Cooker Recipes! (4 Recipes With a Pressure Cooker)

 Watch the video above and scroll down for the written recipes! I think one of the greatest modern inventions by mankind has to be the rice cooker. Now, I think there’s something even BETTER than a rice cooker, if that is possible! It’s a rice cooker that can also cook multiple things – a […]
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