Multi Cooker/Rice Cooker Recipes

June 20 2019

Productive Lazy Day VLOG – Meal Prep Recipes!

Watch the video above to see what I did on my “Productive Lazy Day” and scroll down to see the easy Granola recipe as well as the Chickpeas & Tomatoes in a Rice Cooker Meal! I recently decided to have a “Productive Lazy Day”. Yes, a bit of an oxymoron but also something that I’d […]

Vegan Multi-Cooker Recipes! (4 Recipes With a Pressure Cooker)

 Watch the video above and scroll down for the written recipes! I think one of the greatest modern inventions by mankind has to be the rice cooker. Now, I think there’s something even BETTER than a rice cooker, if that is possible! It’s a rice cooker that can also cook multiple things – a […]