Lifestyle Tips

January 27 2021

My Favourite Vegan Alternatives

What are my favourite vegan alternatives for meat, dairy, etc.? Find out by clicking on the video below where I talked about my favourite vegan alternatives (and scroll down to see a quick list of these products)! While I always suggest eating a predominantly whole foods plant based diet for your health and your wallet, […]

January 2 2021

Must Know Vegan Basics for Beginners!

Today’s new video is for the people who are planning (or are already starting out) to go vegan this January! Here are some delicious recipes and ideas that are not only simple and beginner-friendly, but are also delicious and highly satisfying! I call these the Vegan Basics You Must Know. For those of you that […]

November 27 2020

Wellness Over Things: NEW MASSIVE Bundle Offer (97% OFF!) for Your Health & Fitness Goals

Get BOTH my recipes eBooks plus 40+ more eBooks & programs at a MASSIVE discount through the newest Health & Fitness Bundle Sale happening on this year’s Black Friday! Too lazy to read? Head over to this LINK to skip to the Bundle page and enjoy your 97% OFF! [Get 45++ cookbooks, courses, training programs, […]

March 25 2020

Delicious Vegan Freezer & Pantry Recipes (Quarantine-Friendly Recipes Part 2)

Last time I shared some recipe ideas for when you need to stay indoors and have limited access to fresh food. Here’s another fresh batch of vegan freezer & pantry recipes you can try at home! Head over to the video below and don’t forget to scroll down for the written recipes! Prior to this, […]

March 24 2020

15 Things to Do At Home When In Quarantine

Don’t let boredom take over while in self-isolation. Our latest podcast episode shares 15 things to do when quarantined! As you may already know by now, my friend Daniel and I are hosts of  The SaVeg Podcast where we offer our “SaVeg” (pronounced “savage” like my vegan cafe – SaVeg Cafe) take on a variety […]