Healthy Vegan Recipes

100g Vegan Protein in a Day

September 5 2022

How To Get 100g Vegan Protein in a Day

If you’re looking to get 100g of vegan protein in a day through high-protein vegan meals, I’ve got you covered! If you need more than 100g of vegan protein, you can definitely add vegan protein powder or “mock meats” to your daily meals for more protein, but this post specifically covers 100g of vegan protein […]
vegan oil free pesto sauce

August 16 2022

Vegan Oil-Free Pesto Recipe

This vegan oil-free pesto recipe only takes 2 mins to make using 8 simple ingredients! All you need to make this oil-free pesto sauce vegan is basil, baby spinach, zucchini, pine nuts, and a few simple seasoning to make it the perfect flavourful pesto which goes perfectly with pasta! Other Pesto Recipe: Nut-Free Pesto Recipe […]
Vegan California Roll Recipe

August 4 2022

Vegan California Roll Recipe

Vegan California roll recipe for you to try! I’ll show you how to make vegan sushi, specifically a vegan California roll two ways using tofu or hearts of palm as your imitation crab meat (which is traditionally part of a California roll). This vegan California roll is quick, easy, tasty and fun to make in […]
How To Make Vegan Pierogies

July 27 2022

Vegan Pierogies | How To Make Vegan Pierogies

Vegan pierogies recipes for you to try! From cheesy vegan pierogies to vegan mushroom pierogies, I’ll show you how to make vegan pierogies with filling options! These vegan pierogi recipes are quick, easy, tasty and can have customized fillings the way you want! Prep time is around 15 mins to make vegan pierogi dough using […]
Vegan Jennifer Aniston Salad

July 9 2022

Vegan Jennifer Aniston Salad Recipe

The “Jennifer Aniston salad” recipes have been going around the internet and so I had to make a vegan Jennifer Aniston salad recipe version of what is said to be the salad she had on the set of friends (allegedly)! I’m naming this., like an episode of friends, “the Jennifer Aniston salad she would have […]
Oil-Free Vegan Cheese Sauce

June 1 2022

Oil-Free Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

This oil-free vegan cheese sauce recipe only takes 2 mins to make if you have pre-soaked cashews or about 15-20 mins to make this sauce from scratch using 8 simple ingredients! All you need to make this vegan oil-free cheese sauce is cashews, unsweetened vegan milk, garlic, nutritional yeast, and a few simple seasoning to […]
Vegan Nourish Bowl Recipes

March 26 2022

3 Vegan Nourish Bowl Recipes

I’ve created 3 vegan nourish bowl recipes for you to try! These vegan nourish bowls are quick, easy, tasty, and will nourish your body! They are also between 10-25 mins to make! 🙂 Watch the YouTube video below on how to make them and scroll down to see the written recipes with full measurements. Vegan […]
Everyday Kale Salad Recipe

February 18 2022

Everyday Kale Salad

An easy everyday kale salad! Kale makes the perfect salad for a nutritious lunch, side at dinner or meal prep for the week! This salad is perfect to make ahead of time as well as eat throughout the next few days if you’re looking for an everyday salad for meal prep! Recipe for Everyday Kale […]
Vegan Protein Overnight Oats

February 17 2022

Vegan Protein Overnight Oats

Easy vegan protein overnight oats! Vegan protein powder is added to oats overnight with other high protein ingredients providing you with a filling, nutritious, and high protein vegan breakfast. This is one of the easiest vegan breakfasts to make ahead of time. It’s literally just mixing together some simple ingredients then popping them in a […]
Vegan Couscous Salad

January 21 2022

Vegan Couscous Salad Recipe

This is the best vegan couscous salad! This recipe is tasty and involves no cooking! Super simple and easy to make in 5 mins! This couscous salad recipe is perfect to pack for lunch or if you’re looking for a lazy meal to make in 5 mins with no cooking. All you need is couscous, […]