Guide for New Vegans

December 16 2018

What I Ate in a Week at MY VEGAN CAFE (SaVeg Cafe!)

Check out my full video to see what I ate at my vegan cafe (SaVeg Cafe) for a week! If you did not know, I actually co-own a vegan cafe in my hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The cafe is located in downtown and it is called SaVeg Cafe (pronounced like “savage”). It’s a pretty long story […]

Cooking Hacks for Lazy People!!! (Vegan)

Watch the video above for cooking hacks for lazy people!    I don’t know about you but I am always looking for ways to minimize the time I spend in the kitchen on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for making a nice, fancy meal… ONCE IN A WHILE. But on […]

Tips On Going Vegan + Vegan Starter Kit

Watch my video above for my vegan tips! Going vegan can be tricky in many ways. I honestly believe veganism is a journey and I am still on that journey just like every one else. Going against what society considers “normal” is never easy but I can honestly say that going vegan was the best […]

Mistakes To AVOID When Going Vegan! (Video)

Watch the video above to see what MISTAKES I believe are causing people to QUIT veganism!  It’s no secret that veganism has it’s fair share of “failures”. Lots of people making some big announcement that they are going vegan only to be followed by another announcement in a few months saying they quit veganism. I’ve […]

3 Classic Must-Know Vegan Recipes (High Protein)

Watch the video above!  Scroll down to see the written ingredients and recipes.  I’m sure if you’ve been around the vegan community for a while, you may have come across some version of any of these recipes that I’m about to show you. I still always end up coming back to these dishes often because […]

How to Cook Tofu Like a BOSS! (Video)

 Watch the video above for the BEGINNER’S GUIDE to tofu! TOFU might be the love of my life. I’ve eaten tofu for as long as I can even remember – probably as long as I could chew! I know that in the Western world, tofu is seen as the food of the vegetarians/vegans but […]