Fridge Raid Recipes

June 1 2019

Vegan Meal Prep (Fridge & Pantry cleanup)

As a Youtuber who basically makes food for a living, my kitchen is usually full of leftovers and an assortment of ingredients. I decided to clean out my fridge and pantry and come up with some simple meal prep using only what I already had. I did not do any additional grocery shopping for this […]

Kitchen-Raid Vegan Meal Prep + Overnight Pumpkin Oats Recipe

Easy Vegan Meal Prep and KITCHEN RAID! This meal prep was super great for me because I actually didn’t go out and spend any extra money! I decided to do a meal prep using solely the products I already had in my kitchen. I’m moving this month so I really didn’t want to clutter my […]

Coconut Red Curry Ramen // Fridge Raid Recipes

More often than not, I cook random concoctions out of what I already have in the fridge… isn’t that how we all do it? As much as we’d like to make fancy Pinterest type meals every single day, most of us don’t have that much time or energy to devote into following recipes all the […]