Comfort Food

September 26 2018


Watch my eating show above!  The other day, I was really craving CHEESY spaghetti & meatballs. And YES, you can have cheesy spaghetti & meatballs as a vegan! It’s quite easy to veganize, and let me tell you… this was so delicious! There’s something so comforting about spaghetti & meatballs. I actually did a recipe […]

September 15 2018

Vegan Korean Soybean Paste Stew (Dwenjang Jjigae) Recipe

Watch video above to see how I made this traditional Korean dish! See below for the written recipe and approximate ingredients. Any time I go travelling or haven’t had Korean food in a long time, I always crave this dish. This is a very traditional Korean dish called Dwenjang Jjigae, also known as fermented soybean […]

August 18 2018

Easy Vegan Curry Udon Recipe

Watch video above to see how I made this delicious dish and scroll down for the written recipe! Okay, I think I need to stop with the udon recipes but I’ve been pretty obsessed and addicted to udon noodles. If you don’t know, udon noodles are thick Japanese noodles made of wheat – normally served […]

August 15 2018

OIL-FREE VEGAN CORN DOGS (Easy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes!!!) + Roasted Pepper Pasta Sauce

 Easy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes (Watch Video Above to get a discount on an air fryer!) // scroll down for the written recipes I’ve always loved corn dogs. There’s something about them that always got me coming back to them. EVEN AS A VEGAN! If I have the option to buy a vegan corn […]

August 11 2018

Creamy Udon Alfredo (Oil-Free &Vegan Recipe)

Watch the video above to see how I made this super delicious and creamy udon alfredo! I’ve always been a big fan of the idea of fusion – taking the cuisine of 2 or more cultures and bringing them together to create new delicious dishes. After all, we have so much to learn from one […]

Spicy Soupy Korean Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki) with Udon

Watch video above to see how I made this and scroll down for the written recipe! Ohhhh tteokbokki (aka ddukbokki, however you wanna spell it) is a tremendously famous dish from South Korea and is a dish I grew up eating. There’s really nothing like it in the world and that’s what makes this dish […]

Clean Eating Recipes (Homemade Oat Milk, Granola, Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese)

Watch the video above & scroll down for the written recipes!  There are many stereotypes about vegans. It’s quite ironic because lots of people associate veganism with HEALTH but at the same time, lots of people also think that animal products are necessary for health. It’s interesting how veganism is associated with both clean eating […]

Vegan Spaghetti & Meatballs (Easy Lentil Meatball Recipe)

Watch video above for the recipe and scroll down for the written ingredients!  Lately I’ve been in the mood for noodz… haha yes, I just said that – why am I such an embarrassment to myself? But seriously, I’ve been sooo into noodles lately, I don’t know what has gotten into me! I mean, I’ve […]

Vegan Italian-Style Burger Recipe Using TVP (Easy!)

 Watch video above to see how I made the burgers and see below for the written recipe! I sometimes (albeit, rarely) get these moments when I feel a strong urge to make something. This was one of those moments. I had no plans on making a burger OR filming a video, for that matter. […]

Vegan Korean Street Food Mukbang & Story Time!

Watch my very first STORY TIME mukbang, where I talk about my first crazy landlord story in London!  A few videos back, I mentioned that I had a crazy landlord situation when I had first moved to London. Surprisingly, many of you guys asked for the story even though I’m really not a “story time” […]