Comfort Food

Scrambled Tofu & Avocado Bruschetta Recipe (Vegan)

As seen on my “5 VEGAN COMFORT BREAKFAST/BRUNCH DISHES UNDER $5” video:   Please see below for the written recipe!   Scrambled Tofu & Avocado Bruschetta Ingredients (one serving): 3-4 pieces of canned stewed tomatoes 1/4 package extra firm tofu 1-2 tsp chicken taco seasoning mix (this is just a seasoning mix and doesn’t contain […]

Easy Vegan Cornbread Recipe

As seen on my “5 VEGAN COMFORT BREAKFAST/BRUNCH DISHES UNDER $5” video:   Please see below for the written recipe!   Easy Vegan Cornbread Ingredients: 1 + 1/4 cup cornmeal 1 cup all-purpose flour 3 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 cup non-dairy milk 2-3 tbsp oil Optional: corn kernels (maybe […]

Easy Vegan Noodle Recipes (Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #3)

 NOODLES!! I love noodles. As much as I love rice more than noodles, doesn’t mean that I don’t eat noodles just as frequently if not MORE frequently. One of the main reasons I eat noodles so often (besides the fact that they are super satisfying, comforting and tasty) is that they are so easy […]

Holiday Vegan Potluck Recipes (Savoury & Sweet)

 See below for the written recipes!  The holidays are the perfect time for potlucks and dinner parties and if you think that vegans are missing out because we don’t eat meat and other animal products, then you must think again. There are SO many different amazing vegan dishes that you could make for the […]

Creamy Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (Vegan)

Welcome to my easy and simple Thanksgiving recipe! I did a collaboration with two awesome vegan YouTubers (and bloggers!): Lisa from The Viet Vegan and Katherine & Devin from Two Market Girls. We each decided to make a delicious Thanksgiving recipe for those of you in the US that are waiting to celebrate the holiday. […]

Easy Breakfast Ideas for College Students – SAVOURY (Dorm-Friendly)

Today, I’m showing you guys a few different VEGAN BREAKFAST HACKS – super easy and quick recipes you could make in 5 minutes or less…These easy and fast vegan breakfast ideas are all great for college students and are dorm-friendly because they don’t require a stove to make. Watch the recipe video below!!   Healthy […]

Vegan Hot Pot Recipe & Mukbang

Vegan Hot Pot Recipe and Mukbang (Eating Show):  See below for description and vegan hot pot ingredient ideas!  Hot pot is a type of Chinese soup dish, where you have a big pot of soup stock that you fill with many different types of ingredients. It’s very popular amongst the Chinese and usually most of […]

Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #1

I know that this isn’t new on my channel/blog… Let’s face it, my entire platform is about lazy recipes lol. But I wanted to make it easy for you guys to access the really lazy meal ideas and recipes, so I decided to start somewhat of a series. This will be also accessible in a […]

Easy Vegan Quiche (with Chickpea Flour) Recipe

Featured in Vegan Weekend Breakfast Ideas video:   I’ll be honest – I never ate many quiches before I went vegan. So I don’t really even know if I remember exactly what quiches tasted like so I’m not really using that as my frame of reference. BUT this random quiche I decided to make (after […]

Easy Vegan Waffles (Weekend Breakfast Idea!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had homemade waffles… and I believe this was my first time actually making VEGAN waffles myself. I’ve had very few waffles as a vegan and I don’t know why I never really thought about making my own. It’s actually ridiculously easy and if you don’t have a waffle […]