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Veggie Bibimbap - Korean Recipe

May 13 2022

Fresh Veggie Bibimbap

This fresh veggie bibimbap recipe takes 5 mins to make consisting of rice, vegetables, and a Korean spicy paste called “gochujang”. The Korean word “bibimbap” means “mixed rice” and the dish itself is a popular Korean dish consisting of rice, a mixture of vegetables, and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). The classic Bibimbap is often served with …

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Vegan Sundubu Jjigae (Korean Soft Tofu Stew | 비건 순두부 찌개)

May 12 2022

Vegan Sundubu Jjigae (Korean Soft Tofu Stew | 비건 순두부 찌개)

This vegan Sundubu Jjigae (비건 순두부 찌개), also known as Korean Soft Tofu Stew, is a popular Korean dish consisting of a spicy and savoury broth with soft pieces of tofu that’s super easy to make. Sundubu Jjigae isn’t traditionally vegan as meat-based broth are often used, however, it’s easy to make vegan using a …

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Vegan Korean Vegetable Pancakes (Yachaejeon | 비건 야채전)

May 11 2022

Vegan Korean Vegetable Pancakes (Yachaejeon | 비건 야채전)

This vegan Yachaejeon (비건 야채전), also known as Korean vegetable pancakes, is a delicious Korean dish that traditionally can be vegan, but is sometimes made with eggs. This Korean vegetable pancakes vegan recipe mimics traditional Yachaejeon and takes about 5-8 mins to cook! All you need is a mixture of vegetables (your choice!), flour and …

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Air Fryer Potatoes and Carrots recipe

May 6 2022

Air Fryer Potatoes and Carrots

I want to show you the quickest way to make potatoes and carrots in an air fryer! This air fryer carrots and potatoes recipe takes about 15 mins to air fry & comes out crispy! Many air fryer potatoes and carrots recipes on the internet take long to cook – but not mine! The trick …

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Air Fried Rice Cakes

May 5 2022

Air Fried Rice Cakes (에어프라이떡)

These air fried rice cakes (에어프라이떡), also known as air-fried tteok, is a delicious 10 mins Korean snack made with crispy & chewy Korean rice cakes dipped in sauces! These air fryer rice cakes take about 12 mins to air fry & the Korean rice cakes (tteok) come out crispy on the outside and chewy …

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Miso Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

April 26 2022

Miso Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

This delicious miso soba noodle soup recipe takes about 10 mins to cook with the soba noodles, miso broth, and veggies! It’s a quick & tasty meal! This miso soba noodle soup is vegan, high-protein, and packed with veggies! It’s also a one-pot recipe making it super easy to make & clean up! Feel free …

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Tomato Tofu Stir-fry Recipe

April 26 2022

Tomato Tofu Stir-fry Recipe

This tomato tofu stir-fry is inspired by traditional Chinese tomato and egg stir-fry (番茄炒鸡蛋) but with tofu instead of eggs. This tasty tomato stir fry with tofu is delicious and I’ll show you how to make it in 7 mins! I’ve been making it for years now and can’t wait for you to try it. …

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Vegan Korean Fried Chicken

April 22 2022

Vegan Korean Fried Chicken

This vegan Korean fried chicken is inspired by crispy Korean fried chicken, but vegan! It’s a super quick and easy recipe and can be made in under 20 mins using an air fryer! In Korea, one of the popular dishes is crispy fried chicken, which is smothered in a sweet and spicy red sauce. Luckily …

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Vegan Tteokgalbi Recipe

April 5 2022

Vegan Tteokgalbi Recipe 떡갈비

This vegan tteokgalbi (떡갈비) is a meat-free recipe inspired by traditional Korean Tteokgalbi which are like slightly sweet and savoury Korean meat patties. Tteokgalbi (떡갈비) is a traditional Korean recipe normally made of minced beef short ribs and formed into patties. By switching meat for soy curl crumbles, I’m going to show you how to …

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Vegan Tteokbokki

March 8 2022

Vegan Tteokbokki Recipe

This vegan tteokbokki (비건 떡볶이), also known as spicy Korean rice cakes, is a delicious Korean dish that traditionally isn’t vegan. This tteokbokki vegan recipe mimics traditional tteokbokki and takes about 20-25 mins to cook! It’s my mother’s recipe and makes for a quick & tasty vegan dinner idea! This dish is an absolute masterpiece …

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